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Vaccines are the most powerful tools of disease prevention ever developed. Over the past decade, the number of vaccines available worldwide has increased significantly. Yet, gaps in our understanding of the direct and indirect effects of newly developed vaccines limit our ability to determine the most effective and efficient strategies for preventing, controlling, and eliminating public health threats caused by infectious diseases.

As an infectious disease epidemiologist, I aim to investigate the epidemiology and transmission dynamics of vaccine-preventable diseases, to assess the direct effects of vaccines at the individual level and the indirect effects of vaccines at the population level, and to identify the causes and consequences of heterogeneity in immune response to vaccines.

I approach research questions of global health importance by designing, implementing, and analyzing large-scale, prospective epidemiological field studies, by conducting statistical analyses of new and existing data, and by developing statistical models that can provide insight into optimal strategies for disease prevention and control.


Nicole E. Basta, PhD MPhil

Associate Research Scholar

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Princeton University

Program Associate

Research and Policy for Infectious Disease Dynamics (RAPIDD)

Fogarty International Center

Affiliate Investigator

Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division

Hutchinson Cancer Research Center