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My research aims to investigate the impact of vaccines on individual and population-level immunity, assesses the causes and consequences of heterogeneity in immune response, and examines factors driving vaccine-preventable disease epidemiology. I approach research questions of global health importance by designing, implementing, and analyzing large-scale, prospective epidemiological field studies, by conducting statistical analyses of new and existing data, and by developing statistical models that can provide insight into optimal strategies for disease prevention and control. I am currently the PI for two longitudinal studies to assess the impact of meningococcal A vaccines in Mali and meningococcal B vaccines in the US. My previous research demonstrated that targeting school children for influenza vaccination could significantly reduce incidence across all ages. I aims to establish a strong empirical evidence base for developing targeted vaccination strategies to guide public health policy decisions. My research is ultimately motivated by a desire to minimize disease risk in vulnerable populations.

Areas of particular interest include:

Assessing the impact of newly introduced vaccines and vaccination programs in the context of high endemicity and outbreaks

Evaluating changes in population-level immunity following the introduction of meningococcal, pneumococcal, rotavirus and other vaccines in resource-limited settings

Investigating the causes and consequences in heterogeneity in immune response by analyzing longitudinal serological surveys along with biomarkers of nutrition, inflammation, and other individual-level characteristics

Investigating the epidemiology of and risk factors for asymptomatic meningococcal carriage in Africa

Quantifying the indirect effects of targeted strategies for the prevention and control of diseases, including targeting children and pregnant women

Defining the global seasonality of meningococcal disease and exploring seasonal drivers in the African meningitis belt and elsewhere

Assessing vaccination strategies to address the global threat of influenza

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