Research in our lab focuses on the neural and computational processes underlying reinforcement learning and decision-making. We study the ongoing day-to-day processes by which we learn from trial and error, without explicit instructions, to predict future events and to act upon the environment so as to maximize reward and minimize punishment. [read more]


Dec 2013: Congratulations to Yael for receiving a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers!

Nov 2013: RC Wilson, Y Takahashi, G Schoenbaum and Y Niv - Orbitofrontal cortex as a cognitive map of task space, accepted to Neuron

May 2013: Congratulations to Yuan Chang for being awarded one of two Brinster '43 Neuroscience Prizes recognizing outstanding senior thesis work!

May 2013: E Eldar, JD Cohen and Y Niv - The Effects of Neural Gain on Attention and Learning, accepted to Nature Neuroscience

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