Research in the Niv lab focuses on the neural and computational processes underlying reinforcement learning and decision-making. We study the ongoing day-to-day processes by which we learn from trial and error, without explicit instructions, to predict future events and to act upon the environment so as to maximize reward and minimize punishment. In particular, we are interested in how attention and memory processes interact with reinforcement learning to create representations that allows us to learn to solve new tasks so efficiently. [read more]


February 2015: Congratulations to Nico on the acceptance of his paper - Medial prefrontal cortex predicts internally driven strategy shifts - to Neuron!

December 2014: Congratulations to Eran on the acceptance of his paper, "Interaction between emotional state and learning underlies mood instability," to Nature Communications!

May 2014: Congratulations to Dr. Eran Eldar, MD, PhD, for earning his second doctorate! Good luck at your new position as a Research Fellow at UCL!

September 2014: Congratulations to Yuan Chang Leong for starting graduate school at Stanford!

September 2014: Congratulations to Bob Wilson for getting a faculty position at University of Arizona, Tuscon. Good luck with your new lab starting January 2015!

September 2014: Welcome to our new lab members: new graduate students Nina Rouhani and Gecia Hermsdorff, new research assistant Kat Holmes, new undergraduate research assistant Alana Jaskir, and congratulations to Angela Radulescu on the transition from lab manager and research assistant to graduate student!

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