I am a PhD candidate in department of astrophysical sciences program in plasma physics at Princeton University. My research is focused on efforts toward efficient fusion energy sources. I have, however, worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from large and small scale experiments in magnetic confinement to theoretical work on beam stability for Heavy Ion Fusion. For the details of my past and current research, see my curriculum vitae.

I love the ability that science has to bring people together. People around the globe all simply want to know more about the world around us. This is something you really have to get out and see to know its full power, and as a result I love to travel. I have been across western Europe, much of Southern Asia, Nepal, India, China, and Japan. The world truly is a awe-inspiring thing to behold.

In my time away from the lab, I am an active member of the (very much international) rugby community. You can find me playing any position 9-15, but I have the most fun with a 10 on my back. I have been Vice President of Princeton Athletic Club Rugby (www.princetonacrugby.com), and President of the Princeton Graduate Rugby Club. I am currently an active member and play on PAC, and love every second of it.


Nikolas C. Logan

Name:   Nikolas C. Logan
Title:    Graduate Student
Inst.:    Princeton University
Focus:   Plasma Physics
Email:   nlogan@princeton.edu