Awards and honors to past and present members of OngLab



1.              Yayu Wang awarded Miller Research Inst. fellowship (2004)


2.             McMillan Prize to Yayu Wang (2006)

"for his ground-breaking Nernst effect and magnetization torque experiments, which have established the

existence of large vortex fluctuations throughout much of the pseudogap regime of the high-temperature

superconductor LaSrCuO well above its critical temperature"


3.             Lu Li awarded Pappalardo (MIT) fellowship (2008)


4.            James C. Eckert awarded the American Physical Society 2009 Prize

for Research in an Undergraduate Institution


"For the significant contributions he has made to the understanding of the complex exchange biasing mechanism crucial to spin-valve sensors used in the read-write heads of hard disks and for his skilled and enthusiastic inclusion of undergraduates in physics research.


5. Minhyea Lee (U. Colorado) wins DOE Early Career Award (2011)


6. Lu Li (U. Michigan) wins DOE Early Career Award (2012)