Friends of Outdoor Action

38 Years of Outdoor Adventure 1974 - 2012

Princeton University
Friends of Outdoor Action
P.O. Box 5357
Princeton, NJ 08543-5357

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Friends of Outdoor Action Membership Dues for 2012

Membership dues support the annual operating costs of OA. All contributions are tax deductible and eligible for matching gift programs.

_____ $10.00 Recent Alum _____ $100.00 Wilderness Steward
_____ $20.00 Friend _____ $250.00 Mountain Guide
_____ $40.00 Pathfinder _____ $500.00 Expedition Leader
_____ $60.00 Trail Breaker $_________Other Contribution
  _____ $330.00 Sponsor a student to become an OA Leader

___ Please make my contribution anonymous.

Gifts to OA Endowment

Gifts to the OA Endowment help build long-term support for OA, including leader training and activities during the academic year.

_____ $1,000 _____ $5,000
_____ $2,500 _____ $10,000
  $__________ Other Contribution

Outdoor Action Items

Current tax laws require the fair market value of item received as part of gift be subtracted from the
amount that is considered tax deductible.

_____ $15.00 - OA T-shirt, gray with OA logo (50/50). Size: __________ ($5 is tax deductible)
_____ $15.00 - OA Leader T-shirt, with OA logo various colors (50/50). Size: __________ ($5 is tax deductible)
_____ $25.00 - The Backpacker’s Field Manual Second Edition autographed copy ($7 is tax deductible)


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Contributions can be made online at:, or by calling the University 24-hour gift line at:
(800) 258-5421 within the United States or (609) 258-3373 internationally.
*Specify Outdoor Action in the Comments section or your gift will not go to Outdoor Action.

My gift will be matched by _____________________________________________________
(Please enclose company's Matching Gift form with your gift.)

Helping Outdoor Action

____ Help with the Outdoor Action endowment project.
____ Serve on the Friends of OA Board (meeting/conference call 4 times per year)

News from the Trailhead

Send us news about what you are doing or your latest outdoor adventures for the next issue of Tiger Trails.




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Princeton University
Friends of Outdoor Action
P.O. Box 5357
Princeton, NJ 08543-5357