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Winter, 2002
Friends of OA Newsletter

The Future of Outdoor Action

The OA trip was, by far, both the most relaxing and challenging way to begin meeting new people and making this new place our home…I didn't want it to end.
- Jonathan Walsh '05, Catskills-84

The trip was as great as it was hyped up to be. I was in a group with a real mix of people, some of whom had hiking experience and others of whom hadn't. Some of us were loud and some quiet. The point is that we were all different, but we meshed together perfectly. I couldn't have had more fun with 12 other people.
- Laura Smith '05, Susquehannock-41

At first I was unsure about an outdoor trip and wondered why anyone went. Now I know. Although I'm not an outdoor girl, I loved the trip. I loved the people. I loved the whole experience. Would I do it again? In a second.
- Nicole Adams '05, Chuck Keiper-31

OA was harder than I thought it would be, but now…I kinda feel that I can do anything I put my mind to.
- participant '05, Catskills-23

OA provided a great foundation for my first few months on campus. It's more than just having a group of friends. It's knowing that you're involved in an organization unique to Princeton. I want to continue to be a part of it for the next four years.
- participant '05, Massachusetts-58

Going all those miles with a backpack on, reaching 2,060 ft., seeing heaven-like views, all give one a sense of awe and accomplishment. Before this trip I wouldn't have imagined that I could ever do all of this.
- Ceyda Dagdeler '05, Black Forest-26

Frosh Trip group
Outdoor Adventure group OA81 on the summit of Mt. Tammany in the Delaware Water Gap

Message from the Director

This August I celebrated my twentieth year as Director of Outdoor Action. When I returned to Princeton in August 1981 I didn't have any idea what the future would bring for OA or for me. That year there were 220 frosh and 44 leaders going out on 22 trips. This year we sent out 618 frosh and 163 leaders on 68 trips. These last twenty years have been a series of tremendous accomplishments for OA.

The benefits of OA for students and for Princeton, as you know from your own experience, are amazing. When I think of OA I see a series of images: nervous frosh streaming into Dillon Gym as exuberant leaders cheer them on; a GORP break on the trail; people covered with a week's worth of backcountry grime climbing off buses with incredible smiles; trainees on their leader training trip trying to do the first aid simulation correctly; leader trainers pulling out every trick they have to teach people not just how to hike on the trail, but how to lead; students at the climbing wall encouraging each other to work out a new route; a group sitting in a circle after dinner debriefing the day; cross-country skiers in the moonlight in Vermont. These experiences, these friendships have lasted long beyond Princeton. The knowledge and confidence of how to teach someone a skill, work with your co-leader, introduce someone to the joy of the outdoors for the first time, comfort someone who's homesick, and encourage strangers to be friends becomes part of who we are and how we carry ourselves in the world. Now, more than ever, I am convinced that Princeton needs such a program, to train leaders for our society that have a commitment to building community, the ability to teach and facilitate others, and a respect and passion for the wilderness. This caliber of program, the type of program that Princeton students and Princeton University deserve, is not going to be possible without your support. I hope that you can help us build a secure future for OA by supporting the program this year.

Rick Curtis '79
Director, Outdoor Action

Frosh Trip 2001 in Words & Pictures

John Lurz '03, an OA Leader from Timonium, Maryland writes for the Daily Princetonian. This is his OA Frosh Trip story.

"Last Friday I had lunch with my friend Emily. We met on my OA Frosh Trip almost four years ago. Yesterday I ran into Krissy, one of my co-leaders from this past September, and we chatted about our lives while we waited to get new prox cards. This past Saturday night, I saw Taryn and Emily, two freshman whom I had led this year, out at an eating club. The first thing they said to me? "When are we going to have another OA reunion?"

The bonds I have made participating in and leading Frosh Trip with Outdoor Action are some of the strongest and most important ones that I have at Princeton. Sure, I have a number of other close friends that I met through my classes, my sports team and other activities. I value these friendships and enjoy spending time with these people because we share similar interests. These friends are either in my academic department, in my eating club or in another group to which I belong; they are, most times, very similar to me.

Sometimes the 'mighty Delaware' wins - group G14

Stream crossing on the Susquehannock Trail with group S38

But the great thing about my "OA friends" is that they aren't always like me. Unlike some of my other good friends, I'm not sure I would have met them if I hadn't participated in OA. The people I have met through OA have a diverse range of interests and getting together with them broadens and challenges my view of the world. In my opinion, this is exactly what college is all about.

Princeton is a wonderful place. But we are so busy here that it is hard, many times, to get out of our set routines and social groups to meet new people and garner new experiences. OA Frosh Trip provides what, in my opinion, is the perfect setting for an exchange of viewpoints. I always notice that when I'm in the woods with a diverse group of people I am so open to different ways of seeing the world. Not that I'm close-minded on campus, but there isn't always time between classes, activities, papers and reading.

By virtue of being in the woods, all preconceived notions and social structures fall away. You're dirty, smelly and wearing the same underwear that you had on two days ago. The walls we put up between ourselves fall down quickly—our smell alone is enough to destroy them. Without these walls, you quickly connect with the people you don't know. You find out things you wouldn't have learned otherwise. But here's what is most wonderful about OA—when you're back on campus, though you might not see the people from your trip all the time, when you do see them, those bonds still exist. I can think of no greater benefit than strong, lasting bonds with people who are unlike yourself, who give you a new perspective on things, who diversify and spice up your life.

Backpacking trip group S41 on the Susquehannock Trail in Pennsylvania

Catskills group C20 cools off!

Freshmen new to Princeton will easily make friends who are just like them; they'll meet in classes, at the `Street' or at an extra-curricular activity. But, what's a little more difficult are the friends that aren't like you. I know that I really appreciate these friends I've made through OA. I should try and see them more. In fact, I think I'll go and see about planning that OA reunion that Emily and Taryn mentioned."

- John Lurz '03

Outdoor Action News

Experiential learning continues with two workshops on leadership and group facilitation taught by Rick Curtis. Managing safety and developing sound judgment has always been an important skill for OA leaders. Rick's Safety Management workshop, which includes some infamous personal stories, teaches leaders how to think critically about safety.

This past spring the Leader Training Committee decided to expand the Leader Training Trip from five days to six days. This extra day gives leader trainers the ability to lead the group for an entire day modeling effective leadership on the trail. On the remaining days the students serve as leaders-of-the-day and are in charge of the groups activities. Each day, on-the-trail simulations of lost participants, dehydration, spinal injuries, and "difficult camper" let students learn how to be effective leaders and role models.

Building Community on Frosh Trip

The Frosh Trip has always been about building friendships, many of which last throughout Princeton. For Frosh Trip 2001 OA took another bold step forward towards building a stronger Princeton community. Before the Class of 2005 arrived, OA leaders spent a day in a Building Community Workshop working in small groups in discussions, role plays, and experiential activities all focused on the issues of diversity at Princeton and how new students can become part of the Princeton community. This program has continued to evolve over the past three years, and this year leader trainers took on the responsibility of facilitating other leaders. This program is unique among college wilderness orientation trainings. Leaders reported that it made them remember what a huge transition it was for to come to college and how important the Frosh Trip is in helping new students adjust.

Program Coordinator Darcy Williams Turner departs for graduate school

Darcy Williams (now Turner) joined the Outdoor Action Program in December, 1998 as the first OA Program Coordinator. Over the past two and a half years Darcy made significant contributions to OA expanding the leader training program, improving the Frosh Trip, and developing new program initiatives. She served as a wonderful role model for student leaders and will be sorely missed. This past June Darcy married Jay Turner GS. Darcy has moved on to pursue graduate work in higher education at the University of Pennsylvania. We all wish Darcy the best of luck at Penn.

Notes from the Trailhead

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Shira Abeles '00 returned to Outdoor Action in August to work for three months and help us get through the Frosh Trip and the busy fall semester. Shira had spent last year in Nepal working with Princeton-in-Asia. She leaves OA at the end of November and is applying to medical school for next year.

Katie Baum '01 and Chris Beeson '99 were married outside of Portland, Oregon in September. Katie and Chris are traveling and climbing this fall and searching for a new place to settle, someplace near good mountains.

Greg Farrell '57 to receive the Josh Miner '43 Award at Alumni Day

Greg Farrell '57, the President of Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound, has been selected as this year's recipient of the Josh Miner '43 Experiential Education Award. The award is presented each year to a Princeton alumnus(a) who has made significant contributions to the field of experiential education as embodied by the contributions of Josh Miner '43. Greg will serve as the keynote panelist at the Josh Miner Experiential Education Panel at Alumni Day on Saturday, February 23, 2002 from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM in the Whig Hall Senate Chamber. This year's topic is Expeditionary Learning - A Solution for America's Schools. All alumni, parents and friends are invited to this informative panel to learn how the Expeditionary Learning model can impact your school's educational approach. Following the panel there will be a reception for Greg and the annual Miner Award in the Whig Hall lounge (12:00 - 1:00 PM).

The Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound model (ELOB) was introduced to American secondary education in 1993. ELOB was chosen by the U.S. Congress as one of fifteen projects to create school reform that yields significant improvement in student achievement. The mission of ELOB is to transform whole schools into places of challenge and compassion where teachers and students focus on academically rigorous long-range studies called learning expeditions. Greg has guided the expansion of the ELOB program to 93 different schools across the country. More information on ELOB is available at www.elob.org.

Josh Miner '43 Leadership Fund

Outdoor and experiential education in the United States, and of course Outdoor Action, owe a huge debt to Josh Miner '43, who as a founding trustee of Outward Bound USA was instrumental in starting the first Outward Bound school in this country. The idea for a freshmen year wilderness orientation experience grew out of the Outward Bound model which Josh has nutured for over forty years.

Over the years Josh has been a strong supporter of the OA program. Josh has given a significant gift to the Outdoor Action to create a permanent fund to support leadership development and education. This fund will be known as the Josh Miner '43 Leadership Fund and will be used to support the OA Leader Training Program.

Expanding Leader Training

The OA Leader Training Program has been one of the most influential leadership development programs on campus. Over the years leader training has evolved to provide students with real life experience to prepare them for their roles as future leaders on the trail, on the campus, and beyond. The experiential aspect of leader training begins with the HEART Wilderness First Aid Course. Started in mid-eighties by Dan Ronel '86 and Doug Weinberg '86, the HEART first aid course has always been students teaching other students. Hands-on first aid simulations in class teach leaders how to think on their feet and respond calmly to emergency situations.

Thanks to Everyone who has Supported Outdoor Action this Year.

Expedition Leaders

Josh Miner '43
Charles Byers '68
Peter Muller '85
Dan Cunningham '97
Julie Kidd P'00
Stephen Laserson P'02

Mountain Guides

Laurie Landeau '79
Jim Puzo '83
Thomas Lannamann '96
Alan Stamm P'01
Kira Ciardullo P'03

Wilderness Stewards

John Bjorkholm '61

John Godich '66
David Roberts '72
Ann Curtis Parent '76 `79
William Katen-Narvell '76
Fred Lambrou '78
Phil Barnett '79
Walt Hallagan '79
Jason Gold '81
Kathy Milton '81
Jacob Sun '82
Elizabeth Cutler '84
Ruthard Murphy '85
Pieter van Zee '87
Arjun Prabhu '90
Wes Go '91
Victoria McMillan '95
Eric Schreiber '95
Melvin Brosterman P'03

Trail Breakers

Allen West '52
Joe Woods '57
Robert Schoene '68
Aline Johnson '77
Bruce Bond '79
Kathryn Burns '81
David Simon '83
Thomas Kissinger '84
Pieter van Zee '87
Elissa Schuler Adair '88
Scott Fulmer '90
Janine McGuire '92
Rosy Thind '93
Michael McGehee '94
Ian Blasco '95
Caryn Voland '95
Daniel Brown '97
Eliot Kent-Uritam '98
Karen Laakmann '00
Harvey Rosen P'02
Thomas Pastorius P'03


James Pugh '63
Jim Merritt '66
Terry Seymour '66
Sandy Williams '70
Dennis Grzezinski '72
Eric Keto '79
Bob Kohn '79
Irene Pasternack '79
Debra Borstein '80
Leila Neel '80
Ted Beatty '83
Mary Burchenal '83
Karen Edgley '83
Andrew Reumann-Moore '83
Monique Villars '83
Thomas Kissinger '84
Sue Wells '85
Pieter van Zee '87
Lynn Heller '88
Claire Kaufman '88
Brian Lavoie '88
Christopher Round '88
Carla Cooper '90
Erin Sills '90
Michael Cantor '91
David Haddock '91
Katie Weber '91
Amy Lieberman '92
Paul Richardson '92
Robert Walsh '92
Thomas Brennan '93
Susan Brown '93
Sara O'Connor '93
Alicia Erdman '94
Blair Johnson '94
Michael McGehee '94
Katherine Stephens '94
Peter Wolanin '94
Amy Gladfelter '96
Colin Livesey '96
Andrew LeCuyer '98
Robert Metcalf '98
Michael Carreno '99
Jordan Furnans '99
Robyn Williams '99
Katherine Byers '00
Andrew Steiner '00


Wallace Ruckert '30
Peter Hawryluk '55
Don Laws '57
Adrian Newens '61
William Isherwood '63
Marvin Swartz '63
Philip Hawley '71 P'00
Wallace Good '72
Scott Replogle '73
Susan Schwab '73
Steve Becker '74
David Dichek '76
Martin Feder '78
Robin Minturn '78
Eric Keto '79
Lynn Osborn '79
Josh Greene '81
Doug Howard '81
Peter Ellis '83
Eleanor Hay '83
Judith Pinsker '83
Cort Holland '84
Jotham Stein '84
Joseph Studhome '84
Todd Laurence '86
James Morsink '86
Gail Shuttleworth '86
Jared Silverman '86
Steve Smela '86
John McCaffrey '87
Shannon Rochelle '87
Una Smith '87
Benjamin Freeman '89
Eugenia Gray '89
Martha Leggat '89
Wayne McKinzie '89
Jocelyn Normand '89
Andrew Krivoshik '90
Melanie Tupaj '90
Marcia Witte '90
Brent Blair '91
Emily Burns '91
Rodd Langenhagen '91
Derek Bouchard-Hall '92
Kristen Grubbs '92
Kirk Keil '92
Kristina Kovatch '92
Lianne Kurina '92
Amy Lieberman '92
Mary Phillipuk '92
Amy Polcyn '92
Elizabeth Westfall '92
Jenfu Cheng '93
Susie Morse '93
Kristen Cowan '94
Sonia Helmy '94
Shane Woolf '94
Kimberly Newell '94
Charles Brankman '95
Edward Bruntrager '95
Gregory Harlan '95
Christina Sebestyen '95
Jud Brewer '96
Holly Haefele '96
Taylor Kimberly '96
Barbara Merz '96
Katherine Prager '96
Daniel Becker '97
Alfredo Cabeza '97
Todd Felix '97
Sean Hartman '97
Patrick Kassen '97
Meredith Bell '98
Amy Betz '98
Tracy Dubovick '98
Jonathon Lurie '98
Bradley Mitchell '98
Peter Prozes '98
Sarah Richardson '98
Caroline Sincerbeaux '98
Gillian Ashenfelter '99
Chris Beeson '99
Philipp Bleek '99
Graham Bullock '99
Elizabeth Chirpich '99
Brooke Collier '99
Virginia Ellsworth '99
Juliana Gamble '99
Andrew Levin '99
Karen Welt '99
Martina Widmann '99
Matthew Abel '00
Laura Certain '00
Sarah Gaines '00
Halden Jensen '00
Jonathan Kent-Uritam '00
Holly Markovitz '00
Bryan Seeley '00
Nicole Silva '00
Lee Arnold P'01
Jon Benner P'98 P'00 P'03
Kenneth Berg P'01
David Richman P'02
Valerie Evans Parent '03
Wendell Harkleroad P'03
Peter Falencki P'04

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