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Spring, 1999
Friends of OA Newsletter

Message from the Friends of OA Board

Rarely does an individual become synonymous with an institution. This only occurs when an individual's energy, enthusiasm, dedication and hard work are so exceptional that they, in effect, come to represent the institution. In this way Rick Curtis has come to represent Princeton's Outdoor Action Program.

Over the past 18 years of Rick's stewardship of Outdoor Action, the program has grown many-fold and spawned numerous offspring. Rick has been in the forefront of developing guidelines for training and responsibility on a national scale for all outdoor programs and, most importantly, has touched the lives of thousands of Princeton students, developing leadership skills, human development skills, and a richer understanding of the natural environment. The Board has recently decided to award Rick the Josh Miner '43 Experiential Education Award for his many years of dedication to the Outdoor Action Program and for his efforts on a national level. Please join us as we honor Rick on Saturday, May 29 (Reunion weekend) in Dodds Auditorium at the Woodrow Wilson School at 11:00 AM as President Harold Shapiro presents this year's award. We look forward to seeing many of you there.

Andy Brown '69

Dave Wilson '53

Senior Thesis demonstrates the Impact of the OA Frosh Trip

Brian Wardwell '99 has spent hundreds of hours just thinking about the Frosh Trip and what it means to incoming students. After working for OA all last summer in preparation, this past fall Brian, a senior in the Psychology Department, began his year-long thesis examining the impact the OA Frosh Trip has on incoming students.

Brian has been able to successfully prove things that we have known anecdotally for over two decades. Here are the important parts of his research results. The first has to do with how incoming students feel they fit into Princeton. Before the trip, frosh rated themselves as fitting in less well than everyone else (self-rating 5.05, others rating 5.19). After the trip, frosh had a higher self-rating on how well they would fit in compared to others (self-rating 5.12, others rating 5.14) and they did not see other students as fitting in significantly better than themselves. Clearly the Frosh Trip is having an impact on helping students adjust to Princeton.

Another interesting area in Brian's research has to do with incoming student attitudes about alcohol. Students were asked how many times per week they planned to go out and drink and how many times other students would go out and drink. Frosh rated themselves at 1.75 times per week while everyone else was seen as drinking 4.3 times per week. Studies at Princeton and other schools have shown that the actual number of times people drink per week is significantly less than 4.3. This discrepancy is known as pluralistic ignorance, where people assume a norm for behavior which is in fact not true and feel pressure to "live up to" the norm. Obviously with alcohol, this can be a very negative thing. The second important result from this research is the effectiveness of the Frosh Trip Program in reducing this initial difference. Before the trip the difference level between self and other scores was 2.5. After the Frosh Trip this difference level had decreased to only 0.5 showing that students changed their minds about how many times per week other students were likely to drink.

Program Coordinator's Report

by Darcy Williams

Darcy WilliamsI have been working as the Program Coordinator for Outdoor Action now for five months and am having a terrific time working here. To work for a program that is able to touch such a large number of individuals and to work with the great pool of people that make up the leaders has been very enjoyable and rewarding. As the Program Coordinator I have been spending my time meeting with each of the eight Sub-Committees and the Executive Committee, teaching workshops and classes, writing newsletters, scheduling trips and events, and leading trips. Some of the projects that I have been working on with the committees include revising our Leave No Trace hiking protocols to be most current on waste disposal and developing a program with the Community Service Committee to provide opportunities for the Big Sister/Big Brother Program to get involved with OA. Next fall we plan to offer outdoor activities on Saturday mornings such as canoeing, rock climbing, teambuilding on the low ropes course, and hiking, to community children with their Big Brothers or Big Sisters at Princeton.

One project that I am working on is creating a Brief and Debrief system around each trip, where I meet with the leaders before and after they lead a trip. In the pre-trip Brief I help leaders identify their goals for the trip, their expectations of themselves and each other, their strengths and weaknesses as leaders, their teaching plans, and their trip route and plan. Following the trip, I meet with the leaders again to have a Debrief in which we refer to the goals that were made and the expectations that were voiced and we evaluate them. We share feedback on leadership styles and the trip plan and look for ways to improve our effectiveness as leaders. This provides an opportunity for individuals to grow as leaders and it will provide consistency between trips. This also allows me to get to know each leader on an individual basis and develop an understanding of his or her own leadership style. I have found this to be a very important part of interacting with the leaders and it will allow me to be a better Program Coordinator. All of these experiences together have taught me a great deal about working with people and running an outdoor program.

More than the projects I've been working on and the trips that I've led, I've learned an incredible amount from working with Rick. He takes hours beyond his schedule to teach me something new, to give me feedback on something I've been working on, or to share details on why he made a particular decision. I feel lucky to work with someone who is so knowledgeable in the field of outdoor education and is so willing to make my experience here valuable.

OA & the Trustees Alcohol Initiative

As you may know, the Trustees of Princeton University are especially concerned about binge drinking and last December called for proposals that would help educate people on responsible alcohol use. OA submitted several proposals, all of which were received with significant enthusiasm from the Trustees. Here is what Dean of Student Life Janina Montero wrote, "[The Student Life, Health and Athletics Committee of the Board of Trustees] were impressed with the thought, work, and creativity that generated the ideas you offered, and they anticipate substantial progress in Princeton's efforts to address alcohol abuse once these and other proposals are implemented." We are awaiting final approval for the funding for these projects from the full Trustees meeting in May. Brian Wardwell's thesis research already shows that OA is having a difference on attitudes about alcohol. With additional University support and more training for OA leaders we can have an even greater impact on helping students deal with alcohol responsibly.

Substance-free Activities - All OA activities will continue to take place in a substance-free environment and OA will continue to ask that students sign a statement of agreement as a condition to participate. OA will increase publicity to expand awareness of weekly activities as well as weekend and break trips as attractive alcohol-free alternatives.

Frosh Trip Program - with over 52% of the incoming class on OA Frosh Trips we have a unique opportunity within a small group environment to provide education about alcohol and substance abuse. Small group discussions on the trips led by OA leaders will provide an avenue for incoming students to learn about responsible drinking and concepts like pluralistic ignorance. Outdoor Action plans to work with Project Adventure in Massachusetts to develop a day-long training for OA Leaders on diversity and responsible alcohol use.

OA Leader Training - OA Leaders play important leadership roles not only as trip leaders but across the campus as well. OA trains about 100 student leaders each year for a total of 300-350 on campus. Providing leaders with training around alcohol issues will help them be more responsible individuals and impact other students around them.

HEART Wilderness First Aid Course - this course is a requirement for all OA leaders. Adding specific information on the treatment of acute alcohol intoxication and the recognition of signs of alcohol abuse should make OA Leaders more sensitive and responsible about their own drinking and provide a network of trained students on campus who can interact with their peers.

The Trustees felt that the proposals were both creative and innovative. Of all the proposals that they received, they were most surprised and impressed with the ones from OA, since they were seen as wonderfully novel approaches to
responding to the alcohol issue.

Advances in the OA Leader Training Program

This year has brought a number of important new changes to the OA Leader Training Program. In the fall the Leader Training Committee introduced a new approach to the Leader Training Trip, the Fast Track Option. With the Fast Track, students have to complete only the HEART Wilderness First Aid course before break. Then all of the other OA workshops are done during the first weekend of break with the Leader Training trip the second half of the week. So all of either fall break or spring break is dedicated to OA. The students over fall break had a great time and the Leader Trainers felt that even before the trip had left campus, the group had bonded from doing the Facilitator's Workshop and the Leadership and Group Dynamics Workshop together. The Fast Track allows students to complete OA Leader Training in one semester. Many students commented that without the Fast Track they would not have been able to become OA leaders. Based on this success we have made the Fast Track become a permanent part of our leader training options for fall and spring break.

In addition, the Leader Training Committee developed the Wilderness Education Seminars (WES), an ongoing form of leader education to help expand and refine wilderness and leadership skills. These 1-2 hour seminars are designed to improve leader skills in areas like map and compass, Leave No Trace techniques, and group facilitation. Students interested in becoming Leader Trainers are required to help teach these workshops under the supervision of a current Leader Trainer. This allows us to evaluate the applicant's teaching style and give the person constructive feedback. It will be a big help in the future selection process for qualified Leader Trainers.

The Mt. Princeton '99 Climb
for OA's 25th Anniversary
July 13 - 18, 1999

Summit of Mt. Princeton - 14,197 ft.Who's Coming?

We have a great crew of over 100 coming out to join us for this summer's Mt. Princeton Anniversary Climb. Here is a list of alumni who are coming. The Climbers also include friends and family members. We still have some space at the Ponderosa Lodge. If you would like more information check out the OA Web Site or call the OA Office.



William Farrar '40
George Wilson '45
Wolcott Henry '48
John Baxter '49
Richard Shaffer '50
Victor McCuaig '51
Ray Baldwin '52
Michael Loprete '54
Peter Hawryluk '55
Charles Elliott '56
Julie Bedell S'56
Charlie Hauser '57
Birch Clothier '58
Edward Lang '59
Bernie Van Der Hoeven '59
James Beardsley '60
Hervey Juris '60
Doug Laws '62
James Pugh '63
Richard Getnick '64
Jeff Schwedes '64
Doug Barton '65
Michael Hudnall '65
Tony Krausen '65
John Godich '66
James Nix '66
David Lyon '71
Chuck Iobst '67
McIlvaine Lewis '69 
Sanders Williams '70 
Glenn Morris '72
Ted Wilson '72 
Susan Schwab '73 
Dorothy Bedford '78
Michael Colopy '78
Christopher Baldwin '80 
Bill Lyon '81
Dave Setter '82
Michael Malamut `82
James Puzo '83 
Mary Thorsness '83
Cathy Cullicott '89 
Alan Hellawell '90
Mario Collechia '92 
Paul Gazzerro '92
Kathleen Guinee '95
Helen Hu '95
Marcella Kanfer '95
Jeanne Manischewitz '95
Jay Roxe '95 
Cecily Baskir '96
Halden Jensen '00
Heather Lynch '00

Regional Alumni Activities

PANE Winter Hike in New HampshireOA and the Princeton Alumni Association of New England (PANE) continue to offer alumni outdoor activities in New England. On February 4, a group of ten headed out for a day of snowshoeing and animal tracking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Participants included Mary Kim '94, Heidi Greulich '89, Chris Farrar, Dave Lyon '71, Emily Oken '91, Fran Priddy, Lynn Lewis '88, Tom Cox and of course Keith and Stacy Jackson '94. For those of you in New England, PANE has plans for a number of outdoor day trips this summer and fall including several day hikes, sea kayaking in the Essex River Basin (Sat. June 26), and a bicyling trip. For more information, contact Keith or Stacy at 617-441-8113 (keithj@alumni.princeton.edu) or check the OA Regional Activities Web Site. We hope that other leaders will be interested in setting up regional activities in other locations across the country. If you are interested, mark this on your membership form, contact the OA Office, or check out the OA Web Site for more information.

OA 25th Anniversary Reunion Weekend at the
Princeton-Blairstown Center
September 24 - 26, 1999

As part of our continuing celebration of OA's 25th Anniversary we have planned a fun weekend reunion at the Princeton-Blairstown Center in northwest New Jersey. Since the first OA trips twenty-five years ago left from Blairstown and now that we have merged with Blairstown it seems fitting to host our major reunion event at the Center. OA leaders, friends, and their families from all 25 years of the program as well as current OA student leaders and parents are invited to attend a fun outdoor weekend held at Blairstown. There will be time to hike along the Appalachian Trail, canoe on the Delaware River, try rock climbing, experience the high ropes course, or just sit on the porch and reconnect with old friends. Cabin lodging or tents (for those who really want to get back to their OA roots) will be provided along with meals. We'll have a big barbecue on Saturday night. You can arrive on Friday evening or join us on Saturday morning. Mark the dates on your calendar now and reserve your space now by pre-registering with the enclosed form! We will have more details coming your way this summer. This promises to be a wonderful weekend with old friends and new. Here are just some of the activities we have planned.

Donate your old Cell Phone to OA

OA is moving into the communication age. One thing we need is cell phones to provide to trips, especially during the Frosh Trip (70+ trips). If you have an old Motorola Cell phone that you are no longer using, you can donate it to OA. We can activate the phone using a Bell Mobile Calling card. We prefer the standard Motorola flip-phone since it is easy to buy battery packs that use standard AA alkaline batteries, essential for field use where there is no recharging capability. Your donation is considered a tax deductible contribution to Princeton and we will send you a letter confirming your donation for your tax records.

OA Web - Hottest Site on the Planet!

If you haven't been to the new OA Web Site, you don't know what you are missing! Come visit and you'll see why. The site has been completely redesigned making it easier to find the wealth of information.

We are also bringing some new Web technologies to the site. The OA 25th Anniversary Web Book is a great example: a database-driven site where you can add your recollections and stories about OA to help us build our 25th Anniversary Book. You can also send scanned photos to the site, search for comments, etc. The Web Book will be divided into decades _ the 70's, the 80's and the 90's to track all of OA's wonderful history. You can also submit your latest News from the Trailhead information on-line and can search and find out what's happening with other classmates and friends.

Next fall all OA Trip sign-ups will be on-line at the OA TripStore. There will be more surprises in store on the Web Site over the summer. Keep your eyes peeled!

Climbing to New Heights Campaign

mountcam.jpg (204292 bytes)Over the past twenty-five years Outdoor Action has become a unique resource at Princeton. Outdoor Action has introduced thousands of students to the wilderness and to the importance of preserving our environment. For many students, Outdoor Action is their first experience living in the outdoors, and many come away from a trip with a new respect not only for the wilderness but also for the environment as a whole. Students learn confidence and self-reliance by completing challenging activities with the support of the group. This learning process is facilitated by other students—OA leaders who have been trained in outdoor, first aid and safety, and group dynamics skills. These leaders find OA one of the most important parts of their experience at Princeton. Learning to lead and teach one's peers is an invaluable skill.

Since joining with the Princeton Blairstown Center in the fall of 1996, Outdoor Action has expanded its educational mission to include offering experiential and adventure education programs to urban youth and their families particularly in the Mercer County area. This new community service initiative offers Princeton students a unique opportunity to use their wilderness and leadership skills in the service of others.

Our goals for the Climbing to New Heights Campaign include expanding the numbers of students who participate as well as developing more opportunities for the entire University community (students, faculty, staff, and alumni) to explore the wilderness together. Thus, we are seeking new ways to make the program accessible to all students regardless of their financial means. We hope to develop new and innovative programs while maintaining excellence in the activities already in place. Continuing the development of the OA Leader Training Program remains an essential part of the program mission. Outdoor Action strives to be the leading university outdoor education program in the country. In order to ensure the long-term growth of the program, we need to secure funding from an endowment that can continue to grow.

The Board of the Friends of Outdoor Action has identified a number of areas of the program which will need increased support over the next five years in order to maintain the established excellence in the program and continue to make the program accessible for all members of the University. In an effort to obtain these funds a five-year capital fund raising drive for Outdoor Action is underway.

General Endowment: $500,000 is sought to provide the basic level of resources for maintaining and extending existing activities.

Outdoor Education Internship: $500,000 for the Program Coordinator position, a one-year term to allow someone interested in a career in environmental or outdoor education to develop his or her leadership, outdoor, and management skills. This position provides essential assistance to the Program Director to continue the excellence of the OA Program.

Leadership Training: $250,000 is sought to finance specialized wilderness skills and first aid training such as Wilderness First Responder courses that are essential for OA student leaders.

Trip Scholarships: $100,000 is sought to finance scholarships for student participants. OA trip prices are heavily subsidized to make trips affordable to all interested students. Rising costs are making trips increasingly expensive, creating a greater funding need.

Equipment: $250,000 is sought to support regular replacement of OA's aging equipment inventory such as backpacks, sleeping bags, canoes, etc. A one-time allocation of $125,000 is also desired to purchase equipment that we currently cannot provide.

Climbing Wall: The current Climbing Wall at the Armory needs to be expanded to keep up with the demand of our ever-growing climbing community. Also, the Armory is due to be torn down over the next 5-10 years. $150,000 is sought to build a state-of-the art climbing wall on campus. John McNerney '84 and several members of the Class of 1984 are interested in making a challenge pledge to help build the wall in honor of Joe Palmer '84, who died in a climbing accident in Yosemite.

You can help us reach these goals by maintaining your annual membership in the Friends of OA and by giving a special 25th Anniversary gift to the Climbing to New Heights Capital Campaign. For more information on the Climbing to New Heights Campaign check out the campaign information on the OA Web Site or call the OA Office.

News from the Trailhead

Here's the latest on what's happening with OA Alums out there in the hinterlands. Send us your latest news for the next issue of Tiger Trails, or jump to the OA Web Site and post it there for friends and classmates.

Steve Boyd '55—We climbed Mt. Sherman in Colorado last summer, then went on a 15-day trek in the Everest region of Nepal in November.

John McNerney '84—Started getting back into rock climbing after considerable time off. Took a two-day course at Adirondack Rock & River with my wife. Had a blast. The only major drawback is the lack of good climbing areas in Northwest Ohio. We plan to address the problem by turning an old cement silo near our barn into an outdoor climbing wall. I hope to have at least one 50- foot-high route by spring '99.

Dean Buchenauer *85—I always enjoy reading Tiger Trails. Since I now have two boys (6 & 9), I have begun their education on the value of wilderness exploration. This year's trips included camping in Death Valley and Yellowstone, cross-country skiing in the White Mountains & Sierras, and backpacking in the Sierras near Yosemite. Keep up the great work!

Paul Shuman '87—I was the founding member of my company's outdoor club, the "Booz, Allen and Hamilton Adventure Club" in February 1998. So far we have sponsored kayaking, rock climbing, and hiking trips and clinics and will be adding scuba classes and a ski trip in '99.

Cathy Cullicott '89—I recently moved to Colorado and am working in environmental consulting. See you at Mt. Princeton in July!

Guy Pinneo '89—My wife Janet and I took a round-the-world trip during 1996-1997. We visited southern and eastern Africa, the Seychelles, Peninsular and Eastern Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and the Cook Islands before returning to the US through Hawaii. We spent the majority of our time hiking and wildlife watching, with a fair bit of snorkeling & diving. One of our highlights was climbing Mt. Kenabalu which, at 13,500 feet, is the highest peak between the Himalayas and New Guinea. A beautiful park surrounds the mountain and the forest runs from lowland rainforest all the way to alpine tundra. If anyone is interested in travelling to these areas, get in touch.

Greg "Fish" Fischer '93 tied the knot with Kathryn Beaumont '96 at the Princeton chapel on April 24. In attendance were Alex Dent '93, Mark Haefele '93, and Curtis McConnell '93,

Kim Newell '94—Along with Heather Harnly '96 and Christina Sebesteyen '94, started a two-week elective course in Wilderness Medicine for medical students at the University of Pennsylvania which included guest appearances by Rick Curtis '79 and Kevin McGuire '93. The course ended with Wilderness First Responder certification from SOLO. The course was held at the Princeton-Blairstown Center in January. If you want information about how to set up your own course, contact Kim (knewell@mail.med.upenn.edu).

David Plumb '95 is still living in Chile working as a journalist. He reports that he still gets out climbing in the Andes from time to time and has explored Patagonia.

Amy Gladfelter '96Mark Borsuk '95 and I have been exploring the rivers of North Carolina in handbuilt wooden kayaks. Mark and his dad spent a week in Maine last summer and his dad spent a week in Maine last summer building the kayaks at the Wooden Boat School.

Katie Prager '96 —About the closest I get to the outdoors I've been getting lately is biking past the agricultural & cow field  way to [Veterinary] school. I did spend some time with "wildlife" over New Years. I was in Boston with Holly Haefele '96, Claire Devine '96, Josh Roman '98, Taylor Kimberly '96, Jud Brewer '96, Celia Devlin '96, Ali Ainsworth '96, Skye Delano-Nuttal '96, Anne Dixon '96, and Janelle Shields '96.

Marion Hourdequin '95—I just got back from the Argentine Patagonia where I was finishing up field work for my Master's in plant ecology and conservation biology. This summer I'll be teaching Restoration Ecology in Greater Yellowstone for the Wild Rockies Field Institute—a three week course in Montana's Gallatin National Forest. Hope to do some backpacking for fun, too!

Chris Mills '97—I spent last summer ice-climbing Mt. Cotopaxi & Tungurahu in Ecuador in addition to jungle trekking in the Amazon basin searching for spider caves and caiman hideouts. I also backpacked around various highland craters and lakes. Ecuador is a phenomenal place for action outdoors!

Lenny Gannes *99 completed his doctoral dissertation and defended in December. He spent the spring teaching in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department's spring field semester in Panama. Lenny is heading to the University of Montana in Missoula for a post-Doc next year.

Tiger Trails Masthead

Outdoor Action Reunions Events '99

Outdoor Action is sponsoring a variety of events for Reunion's '99 as part of our celebration of OA's 25th Anniversary. Come sign up for trips at our 25th Anniversary Reunion Headquarters at the OA Tents next to Blair Arch (just outside the 25th Reunion Class fence) open daily from 9 AM - 9 PM. We will also have a 25th Reunion Guestbook for you to sign as well as memorabilia from OA's 25-year history. Please stop by.

Friday, May 28

Canoeing Lake Carnegie: Spend a quiet time paddling on Lake Carnegie. A perfect break and great for families.
9:30 AM - 11:00 AM; 1 PM - 2:30 PM; 2:30 PM - 4 PM; 4 PM - 5:30 PM

Hiking Trip: Take a low-key hike at the Mountain Lake Preserve just minutes from campus.
11 AM - 12:30 PM; 3 PM - 4:30 PM

Learning to Kayak: Learn the basics of flatwater kayaking with this class on Lake Carnegie.
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM; 1:30 - 3:00 PM, 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Rock Climbing at the OA Climbing Wall: Climbing at the OA Climbing Wall is one of our most popular Reunions activities for alums and for kids.
10 AM - 11 AM, 11 AM - 12 PM; 1 PM - 2 PM; 2 PM - 3 PM; 3 PM - 4 PM; 4 PM - 5 PM; 5 PM - 6:00 PM; 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM; 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Naturalist Walk in the Institute Woods: Enjoy a quite nature walk through the Institute Woods with experienced naturalists, a great OA tradition at Reunions.
10 AM - 12 PM; 2 PM - 4:00 PM

First Aid for the Backcountry Workshop: Taking an outdoor trip this summer? Make sure you are prepared with this basic wilderness first aid workshop.
4:00 _ 5:30 PM, McCosh 66

Historical Tree Tour of the Princeton Campus: A perennial favorite. Led by University arborist Jim Consolloy.
4 PM - 5:30 PM Location: meet at Cannon Green

Saturday, May 29

Canoeing: Spend a quiet time paddling on Lake Carnegie. A perfect break and great for families.
9 AM - 10:30 PM, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Learning to Kayak: Learn the basics of flatwater kayaking with this class on Lake Carnegie.
9:30 AM - 11:00 AM, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Rock Climbing at the OA Climbing Wall: Climbing at the OA Climbing Wall is one of our most popular Reunions activities for alums and for kids.
10 AM - 11 AM; 11 AM - 12 PM; 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM; 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Other Outdoor Action Events

Saturday, May 29

9:30 AM - 11:00 AM - Climbing and Cleaning Mt. Everest - Charles Demarest '69 will speak on his 1998 environmental restoration climb of Mt. Everest - Outdoor Action 25th Anniversary Lecture _ Dodds Auditorium, Robertson Hall.

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Outdoor Action Program/Princeton Blairstown Center - Josh Miner '43 Experiential Education Panel: Developing Princeton Leaders through Experiential Learning, Dodds Auditorium, Robertson Hall. Outdoor Action will be presenting the annual Josh Miner '43 award to an alumnus(a) who has contributed to the advancement of experiential education. This year's recipient of the Josh Miner '43 award is Rick Curtis '79, Director, Princeton University Outdoor Action Program. President Shapiro will present the award at 11:00 AM.

12:00 - 12:45 PM - Outdoor Action Program/Princeton-Blairstown Center - OA 25th Anniversary Alumni Reception for Outdoor Action and Princeton-Blairstown Center alumni and friends. Outdoor Action will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary. All leaders, alumni(ae), parents, and friends are invited. Robertson Hall Lower Lobby.

7:30 - 8:30 PM - Finding a Cure for Breast Cancer: The Climb Against the Odds - Bethany Coates '98 and Katie Gamble '98 present the PBS documentary and slides of their 1998 Women's Climb of Mt. McKinley with a group of breast cancer survivors to raise awareness about breast cancer for the Breast Cancer Fund. This is a touching tribute to all of those who have suffered from this terrible disease. Learn about breast cancer and support the Breast Cancer Fund to find a cure. McCormick 106.

Save this Schedule of Events for Reunions '99

Friends of OA Donations

We want to thank all of you who have generously donated to Outdoor Action for 1999. To date we have received:

Donation Category Donors Total
Dues 161 $5,643.00
Endowment & other Gifts 76 $8,674.75


Gifts to Endowment

Allen West ’52

David Wilson ’53

Steve Boyd ’55

Roger Moseley ’55

Charlie Elliott ’56

John Danielson ’58

David Irving ’58

Sterling McMillan ’60

Philip Carlin ’62

Richard Getnick ’64

Richard Thomas ’66

Warren Elmer ’69

Ed Seliga ’75

Ron Grayson ’78

Keith Ely ’79

Ron Munger ’79

Irene Pasternack ’79

Leila Azar ’80

Debra Borstein ’80

David May ’80

Molly Coxe ’81

Joseph Woods ’81

Naomi Miller ’82

Judith Pinsker ’83

Andrew Reumann-Moore ’83

Chris VanBuren ’84

Dan Kastelman ’85

Tom Sugarman ’85

Sean Fitts ’86

James Morsink ’86

Kerry Rodgers ’86

Stefanie Tompkins ’87

Pieter & Kari van Zee ’87

Claire Kaufman ’88

Guy Pinneo ’89

Greta Austin ’90

Melanie Cook ’90

Josephine Iacuzzo ’90

Casper Reaves ’91

Polly Robbins ’91

John Strouse ’91

Anthony Trask ’91

Katie Weber ’91

Jared Hardner ’92

Sara Larson ’92

Robert Musslewhite ’92

Bruce Pecci ’92

Thomas Brennan ’93

Blair Johnson ’94

Michael McGehee ’94

Ian Blasco ’95

Gregory Harlan ’95

Chris & Polly Kimberly ’95

Torrey McMillan ’95

David Plumb ’95

Kristen Fountain ’96

Katherine Prager ’96

Brandon Ulrich ’96

Brooke Bonner ’97

Susanna Douglas ’97

Francois Drouin ’97

Ryan Frederick ’97

Eric Hand ’97

Robin Hibbert ’97

Pei-Lin Hsiung ’97

Cathleen Magill ’97

Josh Roman ’97

Li-xing Man ’98

Caroline Sincerbeaux ’98

Ann Curtis P’79

Nancy Caban P’99

Jane Kidd P’99

Wilderness Stewards

David Irving ’58

John Godich ’66

Richard Thomas ’66

John Laporte ’67

Paul King ’69

Warren Stringer ’76

Phil Barnett ’79

Walt Hallagan ’79

Laurie Landeau ’79

Peter Ippolito ’80

Kate Raisz ’80

Donald Chandler ’81

Steve Timmerman ’81

Jim Puzo ’83

Tami Diaz ’84

Thomas Kissinger ’84

John McNerney ’84

Heather Wakelee & Alex Meyer ’92

Nancy Caban P’99


Allen West ’52

Jim Romano ’80

Kathy Milton ’81

Dean Buchenauer *85

Laura Holgate ’87

Martin Kaminer ’88


Curt Lamp ’40

John Bjorkholm ’61

John O’Brien ’65

Andy Brown ’69

Dennis Grzezinski ’72

Richard Berry ’76

Aline Johnson ’77

Bob Kohn *78

Bruce Bond ’79

Lisa Edelstein Sack ’79

Lyndon Ong ’79

Rich Weiss ’79

Carolyn Allen ’82

Catherine Hughes ’82

Jacob Sun ’82

Ted & Michelle Beatty ’83

Karen Edgley ’83

Helene Knox ’83

David Simon ’83

Ruthard Murphy ’85

Gregory Berns ’86

Alexander Garthwaite ’86

Henri Gavin & Robin Magee ’86

Andrew Meyers ’86

Lawrie Balfour ’87

Paul Shuman ’87

James Esson ’88

Marshall Huebner ’88

Brian Lavoie ’88

Sharon Budney ’91

Emily Wilson ’91

Paul Richardson ’92

Matthew Taylor ’93

Sonia Helmy ’94

Keith & Stacy Jackson ’94

Beth Lind ’95

Douglas Rohde ’95

Anna Foy ’96

Sasha Van Dusen ’97


Chic Doak ’33

Chester Rice ’44

Charles Lewis ’47

Robert Foulke ’52

Roger Moseley ’55

Charlie Elliott ’56

John Schulz ’61

Byron Rose ’63

Marvin Swartz ’63

Thomas Adams ’66

Peter Andrus ’66

Susan Blatt Schwab ’73

David Dichek ’76

Mike Sherber ’79

Amy Walton ’79

Jennifer Bonini ’91

Glenn Lockwood ’91

Erin Nicholson ’91

Christine Palmer ’91

Casper Reaves ’91

Bevin Ashenfelter ’92

Craig Gibian ’92

Dunrie Greiling ’92

John Hickey ’92

Kirk Keil ’92

Elizabeth Westfall ’92

Marjorie White ’92

Julie Wood ’92

Susan Ipri Brown ’93

Austin Clayton ’93

Mark Haefele ’93

John James ’93

Michael Kotin ’93

Sarah Prager ’93

Jean Drouin ’94

Reed Dyer ’94

Katherine Geiersbach ’94

Michael McGehee ’94

Kimberly Newell ’94

Peter Wolanin ’94

Candler Young ’94

Ian Blasco ’95

Edward Bruntrager ’95

Kathleen Guinee ’95

Clinton Haley ’95

Carol Haverty ’95

Bryan Holland ’95

Helen Hu ’95

Christopher Kimberly ’95

Elyse Michaels ’95

Christina Sebestyen ’95

Katherine Teeter ’95

Mark Wiranowski ’95

Cecily Baskir ’96

Sandra Cho ’96

Amy Gladfelter ’96

Holly Haefele ’96

Taylor Kimberly ’96

Thomas Lannamann ’96

Colin Livesey ’96

Katherine Prager ’96

Susan Suh ’96

Igor Brodsky ’97

Daniel Brown ’97

Theodore Chandler ’97

Susanna Douglas ’97

Michael Fischer ’97

Eric Hand ’97

Heidi Harbison ’97

Pei-Lin Hsiung ’97

Christopher Mills ’97

Matthew Richardson ’97

Meredith Bell ’98

Amy Betz ’98

Eliot Kent-Uritam ’98

Jonathon Lurie ’98

Bradley Mitchell ’98

You can jump to a one-page version of the membership form or an Adobe Acrobat version to print and send in your membership dues or other gift.

Friends of Outdoor Action

The Armory, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544, www.princeton.edu/~oa/

Name ______________________________________________________ Class __________


City ________________________________________ State _________ Zip ____________
_____Please check if this is a new address.

Email Address________________________________________________________________
If you want to be contacted about upcoming OA activities.

OA 25th Anniversary Reunion - September 24 - 26, 1999

_____I can't wait, pre-register me for the September 24-26, 1999 Outdoor Action Reunion at the Princeton-Blairstown Center. I am interested in _____ spaces on the program.

_____I am interested in helping coordinate regional OA Alumni activities in my area ______________________.

Friends of Outdoor Action Membership Dues for 1999

_____ $5.00 Student dues
_____ $20.00 Friend/Parent dues
_____ $40.00 Pathfinder dues 
_____ Other Contribution $_______________
_____ $60.00 Trail Breaker dues
_____ $100.00 Wilderness Steward dues
_____ $250.00 Mountain Guide dues

    Please make checks payable to Princeton University. All contributions are tax deductible and eligible for matching gift programs.

OA 25th Anniversary Climbing to New Heights Campaign Donations

_____ Please send me more information on the OA 25th Climbing to New Heights Campaign and how I can support Outdoor Action through charitable contributions.

OA Challenge 2000 $_______________ Special gift for OA's 25th Anniversary
Leadership Development Fund $_______________ Supporting the new Program Coordinator position.
Zander Scott '92 Scholarship Fund $_______________ Building endowment for Frosh Trip scholarships.
Climbing to New Heights Fund $_______________ Building long-term endowment for Outdoor Action.

Please make checks payable to Princeton University. If you send one check, please specify what amount is for membership and what amount is for the Climbing to New Heights Campaign.

Outdoor Action Items

_____ $15.00 - OA 25th Anniversary T-shirt, ash gray with two-color logo (100% cotton). Size: __________
($5 of your gift is a tax deductible contribution to OA)
_____ $15.00 - OA 25th Anniversary Leader T-shirt, royal blue/white logo (100% cotton). Size: __________
($5 of your gift is a tax deductible contribution to OA)
_____ $27.00 - autographed copy of The Backpacker's Field Manual
($12 of your gift is a tax deductible contribution to OA)
_____ $40.00 - OA Crazy Creek Chair - the perfect portable chair for camp use with the OA logo.

Current tax laws require that the fair market value of an item received as part of a gift be subtracted from the amount that is considered tax deductible.

News from the Trailhead

Send us news about what you are doing or your latest outdoor adventures for the next issue of Tiger Trails.




Helping Outdoor Action

I am interested in

_____ serving on the Friends of OA Board
_____ helping with OA's 25th Anniversary activities
_____ being a resource for the OA Outdoor/Environmental Careers Network