Monday June 25, 2018

Command Center Summer Information - 2012

Dear Command Center Member,

We hope you’re having a fantastic summer and that you’re already getting excited about Frosh Trip! This letter should explain everything you need to know to be a part of FT 2012. Since we’ve received applications from over 700 members of the Class of 2016, we are counting on YOU to come back to help. We have accepted freshmen based on your commitment to be here. Cancellations are accepted for medical reasons only. If you have any questions, call us at 609-258-6230.

Command Center is a critical role for such a large  program—we'll have over 1,000 people spread over 8 states that we have to keep  track of on a daily basis. Before trips leave, you will help distribute  equipment and food, check-in frosh, outfit them with equipment, and get groups loaded  on buses for departure. During the week of Frosh Trip, you will be staffing the OA Command Center, tracking groups, and coordinating the Support Teams in the field.

ARRIVAL & MEALS: You should arrive on Wednesday, August 29. OA Check-in is at 5:00 PM at Dillon Gym.  If you are unable to arrive by 5:00 PM on Wednesday, August 29 you can arrive on Tuesday, August 28.

The Housing Office will be open 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM on Wednesday, August 29 for you to sign your housing contract and pick up your room key. Please arrive during Housing Open Hours. If you arrive after 4:30 PM, go to Public Safety at 200 Elm Drive. They can let you into your room but cannot give you a key. Come to Dillon Gym at 5:00 PM on Wednesday and you’ll receive your trip packet and instructions.You will be given your area assignment and the detailed schedule for pre-trip training when you arrive. Command Center meals will be provided during pre-trip starting with dinner on Wednesday, August 29.  

STORAGE: If you stored items at the end of the school that you will need for FT in the Early Arrivals Storage area in Gauss you’ll be able to get in on Wednesday, August 29.

EQUIPMENT DISCOUNT: One of the perks of working for OA is access to equipment discounts that we negotiate for incoming freshmen. We’ve set up a special discount for with Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS). The discount applies only to purchases made online at the EMS website (, and is effective from July 15 to August 30. The discount entitles you to a 15 percent discount on anything available online and a special 30 percent discount on particular items that we’ve identified. These items are listed on the online Equipment List. Get your discount coupon code and see the list of specified 30 percent discount items by logging into the Frosh Trip Equipment Web page at

ACTIVITY SCHEDULE: There is an incredible amount of work to do in the four days leading up to the trip, and Support Teams are a crucial part of this preparation. You will receive a briefing on your Command Center duties, as well as help with equipment and food distribution. You will be very busy from Wednesday when you check in through Sunday morning when the trips depart—we can’t run Frosh Trip without you! Below is a brief summary of what happens each day:

  • WEDNESDAY 8/29, 5:00 PM CHECK-IN: At the check-in at Dillon, you will receive your Command Center assignment and packet that will include the logistical plan for the week. You’ll also receive a detailed briefing of your responsibilities as a Command Center member.
  • THURSDAY 8/30 - SATURDAY 9/1 TRIP PREPARATION: You will be coordinating equipment and food packing, transportation, and distribution.
  • SUNDAY 9/2 - FRIDAY 9/7, FROSH TRIP: During the week of Frosh Trip, you will be staffing the OA Command Center. You will be working about 4-8 hours a day, split up into shifts among all the Command Center members. In the event of a major problem, all Command Center members are expected to be on call at all times to coordinate our response.
  • FRIDAY 9/7, RETURN: You will be coordinating the return of groups and equipment at the stadium.
  • EMERGENCY NUMBERS: During the trip, all communication will go through the Command Center stationed at Princeton. In the event of an emergency, OA Director Rick Curtis will be reachable 24 hours a day.


The Frosh Trip 2012 Team
Leland Baldwin ’14          
Bryant Jones ’14              
Sachi Lake ’12   
Alex Peerman ’12
Caroline Stone ’14
Frosh Trip Coordinator

Era Aranow
Program Coordinator     

Rick Curtis ’79