Saturday April 21, 2018

Outdoor Action Frosh Trip Locations

Starting on September 1 we will be posting the information on where all of the Outdoor Action Trips are going with lists of freshmen participants and upperclass leaders. Click the button below to access the trip listings.


Click here to view student's trip location


These maps show the general locations of the trips for each the the following activity areas. Groups will not be covering the entire route shown on the map, just a portion.

(B) Biking

(BF) Black Forest, PA - Hiking

(C) Catskills, NY - Hiking

(CT) Connecticut Appalachian Trail - Hiking or Hiking & Rock Climbing

(G) Delaware Water Gap, NJ - Hiking or Hiking & Rock Climbing

(G) Delaware Water Gap, NJ - Canoeing, Canoeing & Hiking

(GR) Green Mountains, VT - HIking

(H) Harriman State Park., NY - Hiking

(L) Loyalsock Trail, PA - Hiking

(LH) Laurel Highlands Trail, PA - Hiking

(MA) Massachusetts Appalachian Trail - Hiking

(OA) Base Camp & Outdoor Adventure, NJ - multi-activity

(OF) Organic Farming, NJ - sustainable farming

(PA) Pennsylvania/Maryland Appalachian Trail - Hiking

(VA) Virginia Appalachian Trail - HIking

(VB) Virginia Base Camp & Community Service - Hiking & Trail Restoration