Saturday April 01, 2023

Outdoor Action Summer Sustainability Internship Program

Start date: Summer 2011
Hours/week:  ~40 hours a week for 12 weeks (longer hours at the end of the summer)
Pay: based on an hourly rate ~ $6,00 for the summer which includes on campus summer housing stipend.

The Outdoor Action Program one summer internship position.  This is a fully-funded summewr program to research all aspects of the Outdoor Action Program to determine what is necessary to make the program a model for sustainable outdoor education programs. The following areas will be the prime research targets.


  • Researching options for trips that involve activities directly related to sustainability.
  • Expanding the Organic Farming & Biking trips


  • Expanding the training of Outdoor Action Leaders in Leave No Trace practices and developing an integrated curriculum
  • Bringing faculty members out to trips to talk about sustainability


  • Revising the menu for the trips to be based on local and/or sustainable products and collecting data on where the food comes from to provide this as part of an education curriculum on the trip.


  • Bus Transportation – use of alternative fuel buses
  • Vehicle Rental – use of hybrid or alternative fuel cars
  • Researching biodiesel vehicles and generating our own biodiesel fuel from Dining Services waste cooking oil.


  • Identifying and purchasing alternative water purification methods that do not use toxic chemicals.
  • Purchasing alternative fuel cooking stoves (potentially bio-diesel) and generating the fuel from Dining Services waste cooking oil.
  • Develop a green purchasing plan for equipment (backpacks, sleeping bags, etc.) including using our purchasing power and influence to encourage manufacturers to develop environmentally sustainable products.


  • Reducing packaging through bulk food purchasing
  • Enhancing recycling of trip waste through the use of biodegradable plastics

Other Programs

  • Sponsoring outdoor trips during the academic year that focus on issues of climate change and sustainability (e.g. Earthwatch)
  • Annual Speakers Series – that brings prominent figures in outdoor leadership and sustainability to campus
  • Developing educational programs and resources around human-powered commuting alternatives for University staff.

The student research will form the basis for implementing changes to the operation of this fall’s Frosh Trip Program including the development of a new curriculum on sustainability for OA Leaders to teach to incoming freshmen.

Application Deadline – Friday, February 18

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