Sunday February 01, 2015

Technical Skills Trainer (TST)

  • Fall Technical Skills Trainer Trip: TripStore Signup Deadline is Wednesday, 10/2

  • Written Application Deadline is Wednesday, 10/2 by 5:00 PM

Technical Skills Trainer is a new role within OA. The idea is to develop a cadre of leaders who are super solid on all the outdoor techincal skills and who can become the new teaching team for the Leader Training Technical Skills Classes. We are now taking applications for people interested in becoming paid staff to teach these classes which take place over Fall Break, Spring Break and in April. You need to have lead one OA multi-day trip in order to apply to become a Technical Skills Trainer.

There will be a Technical Skills Trainer Trip over Fall Break. The focus of the trip will be perfecting yout technical skills and learning how to teach those outdoor technical skills to others. Interested leaders should submit a brief application available at: Skills Trainer Written Application anld sign up for the trip online at the OA TripStore Applications will be reviewed by the Technical Skills & Leader Training Committees and applicants will be notified about their acceptance.