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New Tracking information for USPS packages:
Student Packages
Below are the new tracking terms that you will see on the USPS website. As a reminder, please do not pick up a package until you receive the email from us and the tracking says “recipient notified by agent.” This means your package is now available at the Frist Package Room for pick up.

  1. “delivered to agent”: Package arrived at delivery post office, has been scanned by USPS and is available for pick up by agent (Mail Services is the agent)
  2. “received by agent”: Mail services has received the package from the USPS and scanned it into our system
  3. “recipient notified by agent”: Mail Services sends an email to you notifying you that the package is available for pick up
  4. “delivered to recipient by agent” The student has pick up the package from mail services, final scan sent to USPS web site.

Note: In order to meet our student, administrative and faculty needs mail services picks up all available packages from the local post office by 8:30 AM Monday through Friday (no weekends). These packages are processed same day and available for pick up same day for students or delivered via campus mail to admin and faculty office, for those offices that are served by Mail Services. Packages received at the post office after 8:30 AM will show as “delivered to agent” when tracking, but would not be picked up or processed until the following business day.

Administrative and Faculty Packages
Any packages you receive from Mail Services via USPS will say in the tracking delivered to agent.  This means that Mail Services has it or will have it in our possession shortly.  This is an indicator that it is no longer at the post office and will be delivered on a campus mail run.  Usually within 1 business day.

Student forwarding of packages:
If you have a package in the Frist package room after move out, you have 2 options that will occur for that package. It will to either be forwarded to you or it will be returned to sender. If you would like the package sent to you, please follow the instructions below:

Go to USPS Click and Ship, UPS or FedEx website, create an account, enter all pertinent data, pay for shipping fees, generate a shipping label for the package and forward the PDF of the shipping label to to which we will then apply to the package, and hand off to the carrier correct carrier. We must receive the label from your Princeton University email account or we will not be able to apply to the package.

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