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Frist Campus Center (Photo by Jacob Bregman '06)
Frist Campus Center

We begin at the Frist Campus Center, which is a hub of student and community life at Princeton. Frist is home to Café Vivian, a convenience store, a box office, the Welcome Desk, lounges and study spaces – all on the first floor! Frist's extensive facilities also include a film/performance theater, classrooms, computer clusters, student government offices, and several academic department offices. Students may use their meal plans and dining points at the Frist Food Gallery, which was rated "Best Food Court" by the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in 2002.

Frist hosts a variety of social and student government programs, such as film series, lectures, and late-night activities. Frist is also a popular study space, open 24 hours a day during midterm and final exams.

Café Vivian (Photo by Xochiquetzal Martinez '04)
Café Vivian

Beverage Laboratory (Photo by Xochiquetzal Martinez '04)
Healthy Eating Lab


History and Lore

·         Einstein at Princeton

·         History of the Frist Campus Center

·         Princeton iconography at Frist

More Information

·         Visit Frist Campus Center Site

·         Health and Well-Being

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