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Trustee Reading Room in Firestone Library (Photo by Xochiquetzal Martinez '04)
Trustee Reading Room

Harvey S. Firestone Memorial Library is the hub of the Princeton University Library system, which is one of the largest open-stack collections in the United States. The open-stack designation means that students have unrestricted access to the general stack area. In addition to books, manuscripts, and non-print items, Firestone has a wealth of computing resources and, like the rest of Princeton's campus, is equipped for wireless networking. Firestone also has ample study space, including carrels allocated to seniors writing their senior theses.

Located next to Firestone is the Andlinger Center for the Humanities, which encompasses East Pyne, Chancellor Green, the Joseph Henry House, and the Scheide Caldwell House.

Firestone Library (Photo by Xochiquetzal Martinez '04)
Firestone Library

East Pyne (Photo by Jacob Bregman '06)
East Pyne


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