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Faculty Room of Nassau Hall (Photo by Jacob Bregman '06)
Faculty Room

The Faculty Room of Nassau Hall is laden with Princeton tradition. Modeled after the British House of Commons, it has served as the meeting place for both the New Jersey State Legislature and the Continental Congress. It is now used for meetings of the University trustees and other academic officials. The walls are lined with portraits of important figures from Princeton's history, including "Washington at the Battle of Princeton" by Charles Willson Peale.

Outside the Faculty Room is the Memorial Atrium of Nassau Hall, which lists the names and class years of Princetonians who died in the wars of the United States, from the Revolutionary War through Vietnam.

"Washington at the Battle of Princeton" by Charles Willson Peale

Memorial Atrium (Photo by Jacob Bregman '06)
Memorial Atrium


History and Lore

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         Nassau Hall as the U.S. Capitol

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