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Putnam Collection of Sculpture
Oval with Points by Henry Moore
Oval with Points

Head of a Woman by Pablo Picasso
Head of a Woman

Just north of West College sits Henry Moore's Oval with Points, part of the campus's Putnam Collection of Sculpture. The collection showcases works by major 20th-century artists and includes the following works, which are spread throughout campus:

  • Reg Butler, The Bride
  • Alexander Calder, Five Disks: One Empty
  • Jacob Epstein, Albert Einstein
  • Naum Gabo, Spheric Theme
  • Michael Hall, Mastodon VI
  • Gaston Lachaise, Floating Figure
  • Jacques Lipchitz, Song of the Vowels
  • Clement Meadmore, Upstart II
  • Henry Moore, Oval with Points
  • Masayuki Nagare, Stone Riddle
  • Louise Nevelson, Atmosphere and Environment X
  • Isamu Noguchi, White Sun
  • Eduardo Paolozzi, Marok-Marok-Miosa
  • Antoine Pevsner, Construction in the 3rd and 4th Dimension
  • Pablo Picasso, Head of a Woman
  • Arnaldo Pomodoro, Sfero
  • George Rickey, Two Planes Vertical Horizontal II
  • David Smith, Cubi XIII
  • Tony Smith, Moses
  • Kenneth Snelson, Northwood II

To learn more about the Putnam Collection of Sculpture, please click here (PDF file).