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Academic Requirements

Course Load: Candidates for the bachelor of arts (A.B.) degree must complete 31 courses before graduation. Bachelor of science in engineering (B.S.E.) candidates must complete 36 courses.

Distribution Requirements: Princeton does not have core course requirements, but students are required to complete classes in a wide range of disciplines. Listed below are the distribution requirements for the A.B. and B.S.E. programs.

A.B. Requirements

B.S.E. Requirements

  • Freshman Writing Seminar (1 course)
  • Foreign Language (1 to 4 terms)
  • Epistemology and Cognition (1 course)
  • Ethical Thought and Moral Values (1 course)
  • Historical Analysis (1 course)
  • Literature and the Arts (2 courses)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (1 course)
  • Science and Technology, with laboratory (2 courses)
  • Social Analysis (2 courses)
  • Freshman Writing Seminar (1 course)
  • Mathematics (4 terms)
  • Physics (2 terms)
  • Chemistry (1 term)
  • Computer Science (1 term)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (7 courses)

For more information, please see the Undergraduate Announcement.