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Choosing a Major

A.B. students have until the spring of their sophomore year to decide on a major. They can concentrate in any one of 29 academic departments, which are listed here. All departments are open to any student who has satisfied the prerequisites, except for the Woodrow Wilson School, which has an application process. Students take 8 to 12 courses in their departmental fields, leaving the rest of the required 31 courses open to the student's choice. B.S.E. students choose their major earlier than A.B. candidates, in the spring of freshman year. To learn more about the School of Engineering and Applied Science and its six academic departments, please click here.

Can I double major? Degree and departmental honors at Princeton are granted in one department only. As such, students may not double major. However, students with interests that cannot be studied adequately within an existing department may apply for the Independent Concentration Program. An independent concentrator designs a program of studies with the support of two faculty advisers, choosing eight or more upper-level courses in the special field of concentration. Aside from Independent Concentration, another popular option is to pursue a certificate (similar to a minor) in the second field of interest. Princeton offers 33 certificate programs, such as European cultural studies, neuroscience, and finance. For a full listing, please click here.

For more information about choosing a major at Princeton, especially opportunities provided by many of the smaller departments, please see "Major Choices."