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Upperclass Dining Options and Eating Clubs

Cloister Inn (Photo by Kyle Voorhees '07)
Cloister Inn, one of the 10
independent eating clubs located
along Prospect Avenue

Juniors and seniors have several dining options available to them. Some students choose to retain their meal plans and eat in a University dining hall. Others join a cooking co-operative, where students share cooking responsibilities. Still others become "independent," in which case they live in a dorm with a kitchen to prepare their own meals.

The most popular upperclass dining option, however, is to join an eating club. Approximately 75% of juniors and seniors take their meals at one of the ten co-ed, private clubs along Prospect Avenue. These clubs, in addition to providing an intimate, comfortable atmosphere, offer social, athletic, and educational programs.  As an additional option, upperclassmen may purchase joint meal plans between Residential College dining services and eating clubs.

Students who wish to join an eating club do so in the middle of sophomore year. Five of the clubs are "sign-in" clubs, meaning they are non-selective and choose their members by lottery. The other five clubs, "Bicker" clubs, choose their members through a rush process.

To learn about the University meal plans, please visit Dining Services. To read about the co-operatives, please visit the 2 Dickinson Co-op. To learn more about the eating clubs, please click here.