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Gargoyles above 1879 Arch

"Monkey with a Camera" by Gutzon Borglum (Photo by Xochiquetzal Martinez '04)
"Monkey with a Camera"
by Gutzon Borglum

Visitors often ask about the various gargoyles perched on campus buildings. One of our favorites, "Monkey with a Camera," is carved above 1879 Arch. This gargoyle was created by Gutzon Borglum, who later gained fame for his work on Mount Rushmore. Below is an excerpt from "The Gargoyles of Princeton University," by Laurel Masten Cantor.

The "Monkey with a Camera" captures a gargoyle's-eye view of humans. He is more of a humoresque than a grotesque. How many people stop to pose for a picture? If someone could only develop that film!

This candid cameraman may also be symbolic of academic endeavor. He's playing with technology beyond his understanding; perhaps one day he will discover how to use it. Maybe mankind looks just as amusing playing with fusion.

Traditionally, monkeys have been equated with rambunctious behavior—as have students. If one assumes that mankind evolved from apes then it would be logical to assume that professors can evolve from irreverent students.