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Advising in the Residential Colleges

In addition to physical resources, each college offers a wealth of human resources to help students navigate their way through freshman and sophomore years.

Faculty resources in the residential colleges include a college master, dean, director of studies, and director of student life who work together to oversee the college and its students. They are assisted by resident graduate students who live in the college. In addition, each college has a number of faculty fellows who host intellectual discussions, lectures, and luncheons within the colleges.

Academic advising of freshman and sophomores is also centered in the residential colleges. Every freshman in the A.B. program is assigned to a faculty adviser who assists with course selection and other academic matters throughout the year, and continues as the student's adviser through the sophomore year. Freshman in the B.S.E. program are advised by faculty members in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Residential colleges also include a support network of fellow students who serve as residential college advisers (RCAs). These juniors and seniors live in the colleges and provide support for a small group of freshman and sophomores.