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Dorm Room Arrangements

Most of Princeton's living facilities are composed of dormitory suites housing two to eleven people. We do not show a dorm room on the Orange Key tour, simply because there is no 'standard' room on campus. Incoming freshmen are randomly placed into one of the six residential colleges, each of which has different styles of dorm rooms. Mathey and Rockefeller, for example, have many quad suites, which include two double bedrooms and a common room. Wilson College is known for its large suites of four to eleven students, Butler and Whitman have many single rooms, and Forbes College has mostly singles and doubles, many of which have private bathrooms. All unmarried undergraduates are required to live on campus in the residential colleges for two years and have the option to remain in their college or move to upperclass housing after their second year.

After freshman year, students choose their own roommates and a "room draw" takes place in the spring, with seniors having priority in next fall's rooms. 97% of students live on campus for all of their Princeton years and housing is guaranteed to all undergraduates.

All undergraduate dormitories are non-smoking, and substance-free housing is available to all undergraduates. While the University has policies regarding the use of alcohol and illegal drugs, and where smoking is allowed on campus, these designated areas are ones where students actively choose not to use the prohibited substances under any circumstances.