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Presenter Talk Title (click to open pdf file) Date
Bob Moreau The Total Synthesis of Mitomycins 04/25/07
Jimin Kim Allenes as Products, Substrates, or Intermediates in Organometallic Transformations 08/06
Teams A, B, C Molecule of the Summer: Actinophyllic Acid 08/23/06
Jung Min Joo Transition Metal Catalyzed Cross Coupling Reactions of Unactivated Alkyl Halides 08/02/06
Julia Clay Off to a Great Start: First Syntheses by Three Untenured Synthetic Organic Chemists 07/19/06
Hao Xie Apoptosis and Apoptolidin 07/05/06
Jinglong Chen A Review of Total Synthesis of Spirotryprostatin A and B 06/28/06
Robert Matunas The Development of Lewis Base-catalyzed Aldol Reactions 05/24/06
Justin Roberts Phosphine Catalysis: Generation of Phosphonium Enolates 01/25/06
Qihui Jin Absolute Asymmetric Synthesis by Photochemistry on Solid State 09/28/05
David Richard Memory of Chirality: A Strategy for Asymmetric Synthesis 09/14/05
Teams A, B, C Molecule of the Semester: Daphnicyclidin A 08/24/05
Carmen Drahl Evidence for Enzymatic Catalysis of the Diels-Alder Reaction in Nature 07/13/05
Christoph Zapf The Intramolecular Diels-Alder Reaction as Part of Multi-Step Reactions in Total Syntheses of Complex Natural Products 06/01/05
Yiyun Chen C-C bond Formation via Cationic Alkyne Activation 04/20/05
Hahn Kim Agostic Interactions 04/13/05
Erik Alexanian Dynamic Kinetic Resolution: A Powerful Approach to Asymmetric Synthesis 03/30/05
Jinglong Chen Reagents for Alkylidenations 02/02/05
Robert Matunas Hydrazine 01/19/05
Teams A, B, C Molecule of the Semester: Daphniglaucin C 12/15/04
Stephen Goble Metal Catalyzed Outer Sphere Alkylations of Unactivated Olefins and Alkynes 10/06/04
Robert Moreau Total Syntheses Completed by the Trauner Group 09/15/04
Jason Rohde Photochemistry and Applications in Synthesis 09/01/04
Yu Yuan Syntheses of Leucascandrolide A 08/04/04
Teams A, B, C Molecule of the Semester: Tetrapetalone A 07/21/04
Steven Miller Survey of Tetrodotoxin Syntheses 06/02/04
Bryce Harrison A Review of Three Total Syntheses of Quinine and Quinidine 05/19/04
Carmen Drahl Chemical Approaches for Quantitative and Functional Proteomics 05/05/04
Günther Scheid Halogen Magnesium Exchange 04/21/04
Christoph Zapf Total Synthesis of Ingenol: A Literature Review 02/26/04
William Shipe Umpolung: Carbonyl Synthons 02/04/04
Stephen Goble The Morita-Baylis-Hillman Reaction 11/19/03