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Inductive Logic from the Point of View of Acceptance

A Framework for Inductive Logic

Inductive Inquiry via Theory Revision

Advanced Topics in Inductive Logic

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An informal survey of main elements of our theory is provided in Inductive Logic from the Point of View of Acceptance. The intention of the paper is to motivate the more rigorous developments that follow. (Many readers will be satisfied with just this overview.)

The mathematical basis for the theory is presented in A Framework for Inductive Logic. Familiarity with the notation and central concepts of symbolic logic is presupposed (but no more than that). In particular, the reader will need to be familiar with terms like “structure,” “implication,” and “satisfies.”

Rational schemes for hypothesis selection is the topic of the third paper, Inductive Inquiry via Theory Revision. We advance simple principles for the modification of hypotheses and show that they suffice to guide successful scientific inquiry in a broad range of cases.

The theory is generalized in Advanced Topics in Inductive Logic. For example, it is shown how to conceptualize inductive success in probabilistic rather than absolute terms.

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