Enhancing the Quality of U.S. Grain for International Trade

NTIS order #PB89-187199

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Full Report ~3510K
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Table of Contents ~6K

1: Summary ~150K
2: An Overview of the U.S. Grain System ~313K
3: Basic Grain Processing Industries ~370K
4: Quality Attributes Important to Domestic and Overseas Industries ~701K
5: The Changing Role of Quality in Grain Markets ~160K
6: Genetics of Grain Quality ~333K
7: Technologies Affecting Quality ~756K
8: Analysis of U.S. Grain Standards ~286K
9: Government Farm Policy and Economic Incentives Affecting Quality ~182K
10: Comparison of Technologies and Policies Affecting Grain Quality in Major Grain-Exporting Countries ~74K
11: Policy Options for Enhancing Grain Quality ~120K

A: Glossary of Acronyms ~12K
B: Glossary of Terms ~40K
C: Commissioned Papers and Authors ~17K
D: Acknowledgments ~10K
Index ~44K
Other Related OTA Reports ~96K