Round Trip to Orbit: Human Spaceflight Alternatives

NTIS order #PB89-224661

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Full Report ~3662K
Front Matter ~158K
Table of Contents ~3K

1: Executive Summary ~564K
2: Issues and Options ~314K
3: Space Shuttle Evolution ~845K
4: Advanced Rockets ~428K
5: The National Aero-Space Plane ~649K
6: Escape and Rescue Vehicles ~448K

A: Benefits and Drawbacks of Liquid Rocket Boosters for the Space Shuttle ~201K
B: From Take-Off to Orbit-The X-30 Propulsion System ~42K
C: NASP Materials and the X-30 Materials Consortium ~52K
D: The Defense Science Board Report on NASP ~43K
E: Recent Accomplishments of the NASP Program- An Abbreviated List Supplied By The NASP Interagency Office ~52K