Global Arms Trade: Commerce in Advanced Military Technology and Weapons

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Full Report ~5704K
Front Matter ~44K
Table of Contents ~6K

1: Global Defense Business and Arms Proliferation ~1693K
2: Dynamics of World Armaments Production, Arms Transfers and Defense Markets ~616K
3: International Operations of U.S. Defense Firms ~568K
4: European Defense Industries: Politics, Structure, and Markets ~815K
5: Israel's Defense Industry: Evolution and Prospects ~241K
6: Japanese Defense Industrial and Policy U.S.-Japan Security Relations ~462K
7: The Developing Defense Industrial Nations: South Korea, Brazil, India, Taiwan, Australia, Indonesia, and Singapore ~114K
8: The Defense Industry of South Korea ~288K
9: The Defense Industry of Brazil ~273K
10: The Defense Industry of India ~188K
11: The Developing Defense Industries of the Western Pacific ~420K
Appendix A: List of Acronymns ~83K