Building Energy Efficiency

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Full Report ~4277K
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Table of Contents ~3K

Summary ~42K
1: Energy Use in Buildings: Past, Present, and Future ~703K
Appendix 1-A: Scenarios of Future Energy Use ~35K
Appendix 1-B: Data Sources ~7K
Appendix 1-C: Sources for "Business-as-Usual" Forecasts ~6K
2: Technologies for Improving Energy Efficiency in Buildings ~1463K
Appendix 2-A: Definitions of Energy and Energy Efficiency ~6K
Appendix 2-B: Financial Indicators for Energy Efficiency Investments ~10K
Appendix 2-C: Conversion of Electricity Into Energy Units ~9K
3: If Energy Efficiency Is Such a Good Idea, Why Haven't We Done More of It? ~265K
4: A Review of Federal Effects To Increase Energy Efficiency in Buildings ~1197K
5: Policy Options for the U.S. Congress ~504K
Index ~75K