The CDC's Case Definition of AIDS: Implications of Proposed Revisions

NTIS order #PB92-216126

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Full Report ~1917K
Front Matter ~86K
Table of Contents ~12K

1: Executive Summary ~36K
2: The CDC AIDS Definition: Implications of the CD4 + ~336K
3: The Use of the CDC Definition of AIDS in Social Security Disability Determinations ~164K

A: Glossary of Acronyms and Terms ~86K
B: Evolution of the CDC's Case Definition of AIDS ~40K
C: The CDC's AIDS Case Reporting Form (figure) ~216K
D: Epidemiology of AIDS in Women, Injection Drug Users, ~17K
E: The CDC's Current and Proposed Classification System for HIV Infection ~28K
F: HIV Testing and Reporting Requirements in the States and the District of Columbia ~5K
G: Social Security Administration's Sequential Disability Determination Process ~33K
H: Social Security Administration's Disability Appeals Process ~32K
I: Case Histories From S.P. v. Sullivan Litigation ~28K
J: The Social Security Administration's New "HIV Infection Listing" for Use in Disability Determinations ~17K
K: The Social Security Administration's Presumptive Disability Form for Physicians ~231K
References ~626K