Accessibility and Integrity of Networked Information Collections

NTIS order #PB93-218923

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Full Report ~656K
Front Matter ~33K
Table of Contents ~21K

1: Introduction ~34K
2: The Networked Information Context ~51K
3: An Overview of Acess and Integrity... ~27K
4: Access to Electronic Information: ... ~82K
5: The Role of Secondary Information Sources... ~81K
6: Access to and Integrity of the Historical and Scholarly Record ~48K
7: The Impact of Micropublishing, Narrowcasting, and Information Feeds ~38K
8: Privacy issues in access in... ~88K
9: The Internet Tradition of "free" Information: ... ~47K
10: Access to Electronic Artifacts: ... ~63K
11: Digital Images and the Integrity of the Visual Record ~23K
12: Authenticating versions and sources ~62K
13: Citing,Identifying and Describing... ~47K
14: Directories and Catalogs of Networked Information Resources ~37K
15: Conclusions ~64K
16: Recommendations for Possible Action ~26K
Glossary ~31K
Suggested Background Readings ~20K
References ~36K