Pharmaceutical R&D: Costs, Risks, and Rewards

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Table of Contents ~103K

1: Summary ~656K
2: Research and Development Expenditures ~211K
3: The Cost of Pharmaceutical R&D ~581K
4: Returns on Pharceutical R&D ~563K
5: Trends in Science, Technology and Drug Discovery ~469K
6: Government Regulation and Pharmaceutical R&D ~662K
7: Product Liability and the Pharmaceutical Industry ~336K
8: Federal Tax Policy and Drug Research and Development ~391K
9: Federal Support for Pharmaceutical Research and Development ~889K
10: Trends in Payment for Prescription Drugs ~541K

A: Method of Study ~141K
B: Acknowledgements ~105K
C: The Cost of Capital ~196K
D: Congressional Access to Proprietary Pharmaceutical Industry Data ~303K
E: Patent Protection of Pharmaceuticals in the United States ~118K
F: Summary of Methods Used to Analyze Trends in Postpatent Revenues ~194K
G: Estimating the Cost of Producing and Selling New Chemical Entities ~154K
H: Methods of OTA’s Survey of Clinical Trial Size ~84K
I: Methods Used in OTA's Study of Success Rates for New Molecular Entities ~84K
J: Estimates by OTA and JCT of Federal Tax Credits Attributable to Pharmaceuticals ~91K
K: Federal Programs Dedicated to Pharmaceutical R&D ~120K
L: Acronyms and Glossary of Terms ~122K
References ~924K
Index ~123K