Automation of America's Offices, 1985-2000

NTIS order #PB86-185055

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Full Report ~5706K
Front Matter ~51K
Table of Contents ~7K

1: The Outlook for Office Automation Technology, 1985-2000 ~266K
2: Productivity and Employment ~685K
3: Training and Education for Office Automation ~475K
4: The Changing Nature of Office Work ~911K
5: Office Automation and the Quality of Worklife ~1302K
6: Confidentiality and Security Issues With Office Automation ~206K
7: Home-Based Automated Office Work ~348K
8: Off-Shore Office Work ~204K
9: The Automation of Federal Government Offices ~359K
10: Office Automation in State and Local Governments ~264K
11: Office Automation in Small Business ~149K
12: Office Automation and Differentially Affected Groups: Working Women and Minorities ~119K

A: The Technology of Office Automation ~339K
B: OTA Case Studies ~224K