Ballistic Missile Defense Technologies

NTIS order #PB86-182961

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Full Report ~5345K
Front Matter ~37K
Table of Contents ~9K

1: Executive Summary ~537K
2: Introduction ~37K
3: Ballistic Missile Defense Then and Now ~713K
4: Deterrence, U.S. Nuclear Strategy, and BMD ~277K
5: BMD Capabilities and the Strategic Balance ~454K
6: Crisis Stability, Arms Race Stability, and Arms Control Issues ~330K
7: Ballistic Missile Defense Technologies ~906K
8: Feasibility ~222K
9: Alternative Future Scenarios ~128K
10: Alternative R&D Programs ~435K

A: Ballistic Missile Defense and the ABM Treaty ~171K
B: Texts of the 1972 ABM Treaty, Its Agreed Interpretations, and Its 1976 Protocol ~45K
C: Effects of BMD Deployment on Existing Arms Control Treaties ~19K
D: Defense Requirements for Assured Survival ~475K
E: Defense Capability Levels and U.S. Strategy Choices ~15K
F: BMD and the Military R&D Budget ~30K
G: Studies of the High Frontier Global Ballistic Missile Defense I ~32K
H: Excerpts From Statements on BMD by Reagan Administration Officials ~362K
I: List of Reagan Administration Statements on BMD ~15K
J: Articles by Critics of the Strategic Defense Initiative ~43K
K: Excerpts From Soviet Statements on BMD ~45K
L: References on Strategic Nuclear Policy ~157K
M: References on Soviet Strategic Policy ~33K
N: Glossary of Acronyms and Terms ~120K