Continuing the Commitment: Agricultural Development in the Sahel

NTIS order #PB87-117644

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Full Report ~2865K
Front Matter ~33K
Table of Contents ~19K

1: Summary and Options ~753K
2: AID's Sahel Development program and the Club/CILSS Framework ~109K
3: The Sahel: Diversity and Transformation ~450K
4: A Decade of Lessons: Technologies Past and Future ~300K
5: A Decade of Lessons: Policies and Choices ~473K
6: Applying the Lessons: The Agency for International Development ~216K
7: A Catalog of Other Actors in the Sahel ~213K
References ~216K

A: Appendix Tables ~75K
B: Other Contributors to the Special Report on Development in the Sahel ~7K
C: Additional Reviewers of the Special Report on Development in the Sahel ~6K
D: OTA Field Visits-November 1985 ~19K
E: The Sahel Development Statement -Executive Strategy Summary ~25K
F: Assessment of the Sahel Development Program - Executive Summary ~75K