Technology, Public Policy, and the Changing Structure of American Agriculture

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Full Report ~4761K
Front Matter ~39K
Table of Contents ~10K

1: Summary ~146K

Part I: The Emerhing Technologies
2: Emerging Technologies for Agriculture ~1045K
3: Impacts of Emerging Technologies on Agricultural Production ~194K

Part II: The Changing Structure of American Agriculture
4: Dynamic Structure of Agriculture ~205K
5: Factors Contributing to Structural Change in Agriculture ~88K

Part III: Analyses of Technology, Public Policy, and Agricultural Structure
6: Emerging Technologies and Agricultural Structure ~89K
7: Impacts of Agricultural Finance and Credit ~812K
8: Emerging TechnoIogies, Public Policy, and Various Size Crop Farms ~300K
9: Emerging Technologies, Public Policy, and Various Size Dairy Farms ~496K
10: Impacts on the Environment and Natural Resources ~92K
11: Impacts on Rural Communities ~337K
12: Impacts on Agricultural Research and Extension ~443K

Part IV: Implications and PoIicy Options for Agriculture
13: Implications and Policy Options for Agriculture ~58K

A: Animal and Plant Technology Workshop Methodology and Procedures ~58K
B: U.S. Regional Agricultural Sales by Sales Class and Commodity ~39K
C: Participants in OTA workshops ~30K
D: Analysis of Size Economies and Comparative Advantage in Crop Production in Various Areas of the United States ~145K
E: Methodology and Detailed Results of Microeconomic Impacts of Technology and Public Policy for Crop Farms ~142K
F: Detailed Results of Macroeconomic Impacts of Technology and Public Policy on Dairy Farms ~87K
G: Workgroup, Background Papers, and Acknowledgments ~36K
Index ~104K