Wastes in Marine Environments

NTIS order #PB87-194585

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Full Report ~13279K
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Table of Contents ~5K

1: Findings and Options ~1672K
2: Understanding Marine Waste Disposal: The Broader Context ~500K
3: Waste Disposal Activities and Pollutant ~1551K
4: Marine Environments and Processes, and Fate of Pollutants ~409K
5: Impacts of Waste Disposal on Marine Resources ~694K
6: Impacts of Waste Pollutants on Human Health ~1124K
7: Statutes and Programs Related to Marine Waste Disposal ~1877K
8: Man aging Industrial Effluents ~1237K
9: Managing Municipal Effluent and Sludge ~624K
10: Managing Dredged Material ~435K
11: Managing Industrial Wastes Dumped in Marine Waters ~320K
References ~2390K
Index ~735K