Copper: Technology and Competitiveness

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Full Report ~7534K
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Table of Contents ~6K

Part 1: Introduction and Summary
Ch. 1: Introduction and Summary ~1148K

Part 2: Industry & Market Structure
Ch. 2: The Current Status of the World Copper Industry ~85K
Ch. 3: The Business Structure of the Copper Industry ~361K
Ch. 4: Market Structure ~918K

Part 3: Resources and Technology
Ch. 5: World Copper Resources ~297K
Ch. 6: Copper Production Technology ~2452K
Ch. 7: Energy Use in the Copper Industry ~254K
Ch. 8: Environmental Aspects of Copper Production ~541K

Part 4: Competitiveness
Ch. 9: Production Costs ~964K
Ch. 10: Strategies for Future Competitiveness ~446K

A: Acronyms and Abbreviations ~25K
B: Glossary ~40K
Indexes ~134K