Healthy Children: Investing in the Future

NTIS order #PB88-178454

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Full Report ~5009K
Front Matter ~36K
Table of Contents ~10K

1: Summary and Policy Options ~403K

Part I: Overview of Children's Health
2: Children's Health Status: Current Trends ~405K
3: Children's Access to Health Care ~250K

Part II: Prevention of Childhood Illness: Selected Topics
4: Prenatal Care ~212K
5: Newborn Screening for Congenital Disorders ~250K
6: Well-Child Care ~390K
7: Prevention of Accidental Childhood Injuries ~182K
8: Prevention of Child Maltreatment ~144K

A: Method of the Study ~14K
B: Acknowledgments ~18K
C: U.S. Infant, Neonatal, and Postneonatal Mortality Rates ~49K
D: OTA's Derivation of the Estimate of the Population of Children Without Health lnsurance ~15K
E: Physician Participation in Medicaid ~88K
F: Ambulatory Tocodynamometry ~159K
G: Background Information on Prenatal Care ~443K
H: Disorders Currently Detectable by Newborn Screening ~47K
I: Data and Methods Used in OTA'S Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Strategies for Newborn Screening ~88K
J: Effectiveness of Well-Child Care and Cost-Effectiveness of Childhood Immunization ~326K
K: Current National Data Sources on Accidental Injuries ~16K
L: Preventing Unintended Pregnancies in High-Risk Women: School-Based Clinics ~46K
M: Glossary of Abbreviations and Terms ~53K
References ~1550K