Mapping Our Genes-Genome Projects: How Big? How Fast?

NTIS order #PB88-212402

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Full Report ~2528K
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Table of Contents ~8K

1: Summary ~157K
2: Technologies for Mapping DNA ~855K
3: Applications to Research in Biology and Medicine ~416K
4: Social and Ethical Considerations ~75K
5: Agencies and Organizations in the United States ~232K
6: Organization of Projects ~107K
7: International Efforts ~365K
8: Technology Transfer ~68K

A: Topics of OTA Contract Reports ~16K
B: Estimated Costs of Human Genome Projects ~120K
C: Participants in OTA workshops ~13K
D: Databases, Repositories, and Informatics ~75K
E: Bibliometric Analysis of Human Genome Research ~14K
F: Acknowledgements ~27K
G: Glossary ~34K
Index ~126K