The Quality of Medical Care: Information for Consumers

NTIS order #PB89-102180

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Full Report ~4989K
Front Matter ~36K
Table of Contents ~43K

1: Summary and Policy Options ~489K
2: Disseminating Information to Consumers: Present Context and Future Strategy ~187K
3: Evaluating Quality From the Perspective of Individual Consumers ~155K
4: Hospital Mortality Rates ~638K
5: Adverse Events ~227K
6: Disciplinary Actions, Sanctions, and Malpractice Compensation ~219K
7: Evaluation of Physicians' Performance: Care for Hypertension ~201K
8: Volume of Services in Hospitals or Performed by Physicians ~266K
9: Scope of Hospital Services: External Standards and Guidelines ~419K
10: Physician Specialization ~641K
11: Patients' Assessments of Their Care ~243K

A: Method of the Study ~16K
B: Acknowledgments ~20K
C: Method Used by OTA To Evaluate Indicators of Quality ~75K
D: Quality Assessment Activities by Selected Organizations ~144K
E: Selected Studies Related to the Quality of Medical Care ~32K
References ~1131K