Technology and the American Economic Transition: Choices for the Future

NTIS order #PB88-214127

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Full Report ~6136K
Front Matter ~39K
Table of Contents ~13K

1: Overview ~628K

Part I: The Networks of Consumption
2: Defining the Consumption Recipe ~501K
3: Eight Amenity Groups ~1044K

Part II: The Networks of Production
4: Defining the Production Recipe ~185K
5: Three Perspectives on Structural Change ~600K
6: The Networks That Produce Amenity ~873K

Part III: The International Connection
7: How Trade Enters U.S. Production Recipes ~140K
8: The Framework of U.S. Trade ~170K
9: The Composition of Trade ~157K

Part IV: People in the Production Recipe
10: How America Uses People at Work ~349K
11: Matching People to Jobs ~499K
12: Work and the Amenity Networks ~359K

Part V: Policy and the Future
13: Alternative Paths for the U.S. Economy ~257K
14: Public Regulation and Incentives ~183K
Appendix on Data and Methods ~193K
Index ~195K