Energy, the Economy, and Mass Transit

NTIS order #PB-250624

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Full Report ~5088K
Front Matter ~57K
Table of Contents ~19K

1: Summary of Major Findings and Study Approach ~275K
2: The Historical Relationship Between Transit and the Economy ~24K
3: Relationship Between Transit and Energy ~934K
4: Alternative Economic and Energy Futures ~150K
5: Effects of Alternative Economic Conditions on Transit ~845K
6: Analysis of the Capacity of Industry To Respond to Major Changes in the Transit Program ~510K
7: Effects of Alternative Energy Conditions on Transit ~994K
8: Consideration of Possible Types of Actions To Achieve Increases in Transit Ridership and Decreases in Energy Consumption ~244K
9: Summary of Impacts on Transit Ridership, The Transit Industry, Related Industries, and Energy Consumption ~177K
10: Metropolitan Experience ~102K
11: National Policy Issues and Possible Initiatives ~223K

A: Documentation of Forecasting Techniques ~466K
B: Questionnaire ~19K
C: Interindustry Analysis ~44K
D: Survey of Effectiveness of Possible Actions To Improve Transit Ridership ~155K