Environmental Contaminants in Food

NTIS order #PB80-153265

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Full Report ~4003K
Front Matter ~32K
Table of Contents ~122K

1: Summary ~195K
2: Environmental Contamination of Food ~298K
3: Federal Laws, Regulations, and Programs ~92K
4: State Laws, Regulations, and Programs ~231K
5: Methods for Assessing HeaIth Risks ~199K
6: Methods of Estimating and Applying Costs to Regulatory Decisionmaking ~40K
7: Monitoring Strategies ~156K
8: Monitoring Instrumentation ~197K
9: Congressional Options ~134K

A: Substances Whose Production or Environmental Release Are Likely to Increase in the Next 10 Years ~121K
B: Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBŐs); Reduction of Tolerances ~160K
C: Methods for Toxicologic Testing ~521K
D: Review and Evaluation of Methods of Determining Risks From Chronic Low-Level Carcinogenic Insult ~211K
E: Measuring Benefits and Costs ~284K
F: Priority Setting of Toxic Substances for Guiding Monitoring Programs ~76K
G: Approaches to Monitoring Organic Environmental Contaminants in Food ~340K
H: Analytical Systems for the Determination of Metals in Food and Water Supplies ~345K
I: Analysis of Foods for Radioactivity ~309K
J: Commissioned Papers ~22K
K: Executive Agency Observers at Advisory Panel Meetings ~88K