Open Shelf-Life Dating of Food

NTIS order #PB80-101629

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Full Report ~1253K
Front Matter ~44K
Table of Contents ~12K

1: Executive Summary ~68K
2: Consumer Perspective on Open Dating ~182K
3: Benefits of Open Dating ~16K
4: Alternative Open-Dating Techniques ~37K
5: Establishing Open Dates ~49K
6: Alternative Open-Dating Systems ~16K
7: Enforcement and Liability ~28K
8: Economic and Social Costs ~21K
9: Array of Congressional Options ~39K

A: Application of Open Dating to Specific Foods ~119K
B: Bask Food Preservation and Deterioration Modes ~96K
C: Technological Evaluation of Shelf Life of Foods ~366K
D: Status of Open Shelf-Life Dating Regulations for Selected Countries and International Food Labeling Organizations, 1978 ~20K
E: Bibliography ~239K