Technology and Steel Industry Competitiveness

NTIS order #PB80-208200

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Full Report ~4932K
Front Matter ~32K
Table of Contents ~5K

1: Summary ~362K
2: Policy Options ~335K
3: Problems, Issues, and Findings ~397K
4: The Domestic Steel Industry's Competitiveness Problems ~978K
5: Past and Future Domestic Use of Steel ~593K
6: New Technologies for the Steel Industry ~682K
7: Technology and Raw Materials Problems ~310K
8: Technology and Industry Restructuring ~161K
9: Creation, Adoption, and Transfer of New Technology ~582K
10: Capital Needs for Modernization and Expansion ~168K
11: Impacts of EPA and OSHA Regulations on Technology Use ~264K
12: Employees and the Development and Use of New Technology ~175K