Technology and Soviet Energy Availability

NTIS order #PB82-133455

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Table of Contents ~7K

1: Summary: Issues and Findings ~159K
2: The Soviet Oil and Gas Industry ~1222K
3: The Soviet Coal Industry ~571K
4: The Soviet Nuclear Power Industry ~890K
5: The Soviet Electric Power Industry ~441K
6: Western Energy Equipment and Technology Trade with the U.S.S.R. ~659K
7: The Prospects for Energy Conservation in the U.S.S.R. ~480K
8: Energy and the Soviet Economy ~943K
9: East European Energy Options ~390K
10: The Soviet Bloc and World Energy Markets ~70K
11: Japanese-Soviet Energy Relations ~479K
12: West European-Soviet Energy Relations ~582K
13: Soviet Energy Availability and U.S. Policy ~129K
Appendix ~245K