Energy Efficiency of Buildings in Cities

NTIS order #PB82-200346

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Full Report ~10110K
Front Matter ~47K
Table of Contents ~5K

1: Introduction and Summary of Findings ~454K
2: Importance of City Buildings in National Energy Use: Will Energy Efficiency Make a Difference? ~279K
3: Technical Potential for Improving the Energy Efficiency of Buildings in Cities ~1836K
4: Will Building Owners Invest in the Energy Efficiency of City Buildings? ~1504K
5: Retrofit for the Housing Stock of the Urban Poor ~848K
6: Prospects for District Heating ~832K
7: Private Sector Efforts to Stimulate Energy Retrofit of Buildings ~137K
8: Potential Role of Utilities in Improving the Energy Efficiency of Buildings ~908K
9: Public Sector Role in Urban Building Energy Conservation ~1006K
10: Case Studies ~1288K
11: Public Policy Options ~91K

A: Retrofit Options for Thirteen Building Types in the St. Louis Climate Zone ~746K
B: Estimated Cumulative Energy Savings From Packages of Retrofits for Thirteen Different Building Types ~65K
C: Retrofit Descriptions ~104K
D: Sources for Cost Estimates and Formulas for Estimating Savings ~174K