Use of Models for Water Resources Management, Planning, and Policy

NTIS order #PB83-103655

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Full Report ~4941K
Front Matter ~146K
Table of Contents ~19K

1: Summary, Issues, and Options ~881K
2: Introduction to Water Resource Models ~945K
3: General Issues in Model Development, Use, and Dissemination ~394K
4: Federal Use and Support of Water Resource Models ~565K
5: Use of Models by State Governments ~565K
6: Modeling and Water Resource Issues ~777K

A: Summary of Findings From OTA Workshops on Water Resource Modeling ~48K
B: Summary of Model Use by Individual Federal Agencies ~301K
C: Summaries of Related Modeling Studies ~29K
D: Additional References to Models and Modeling Studies ~271K
E: Tables of Responses to OTA Survey of Actual and Potential State-Level Model Use ~112K
Index ~109K