World Population and Fertility Planning Technologies: The Next 20 Years

NTIS order #PB82-200338

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Full Report ~8676K
Front Matter ~31K
Table of Contents ~40K

1: Summary, Issues, and Options ~608K
2: Population Growth to the year 2000 ~459K
3: Implications of World Population Growth ~480K
4: The Direct Determinants of Fertility Change ~2147K
5: The Technology of Fertility Change: Present Methods and Future Prospects ~501K
6: Reproductive Research and Contraceptive Development ~487K
7: Factors That Affect the Distribution, Acceptance, and Use of Family Planning in LDCs ~2009K
8: Research Needs ~90K
9: Financial Support for LDC Population Programs ~1140K

A: Evolution of China's Birth Planning Policy ~370K
B: Indonesia Looks Toward Continued Fertility Decline ~76K
C: Record Population Growth Persists in Kenya ~117K
D: Production and Distribution Capabilities for New Fertility Planning Technologies Over the Next Two Decades ~145K
E: Workshop Participants, Contributors, and Acknowledgments ~91K
F: Commissioned Papers ~114K